clothes for homme

yep. i used to work as a salesgirl for Robinsons. "customer service associate", they're called. lol. my department was mens' contemporary.

i wouldn't have known there are so many complications to men's shirts if i hadn't worked there. it's not like ladies' dresses where one size says all, like 10, 12, 14, etc. a simple tag on a basic long sleeve shirt would at least have neck size and sleeve length.

getting a shirt for a man would involve measuring his neck circumference, in inches (usually 14" to 18"), and his arm length, in inches as well (30" to maybe, 34"). some men tend to mistake the neck circumference for shoulder width. and alas, end up buying a shirt that is of the wrong size.

that's is not the end of the problem (which includes colourblindness, lol), you've got guys with small necks and long arms. which makes for a shirt with a really loose collar (when wearing ties, makes him look ridiculous), or one with really short sleeves. it's all pretty hilarious, really. and let's not touch the colourblind problem. lol.

anyways, this just came up during dinner yesterday. cuz i went shopping with mom and dad.


on another topic, i've been thinking of getting the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Fever To Tell. it's a neat album, i heard it at HMV, but the temptation to download it is huge (sorry, mishie). plus, i'm kinda low on cash now. wish i could get paid sooner.

which brings me to... hot hot heat. hehe, i'm obsessed with these two bands, plus, i'm also in the midst of downloading interpol's turn on the bright lights and jj72, too. hot hot heat is nice too, i like!

have to cut this short, it's dinnertime.