This one got me puzzled


We made muffins today. Apple cinnamon ones. They don't look too yummy in the photo but trust me, they're really nice.

I got home from class today to see the messy housemate's track pants lying in the living room entangled with one of the couch's legs. Pity the couch but no surprise there, she is messy afterall. You should see the kitchen after she's done cooking. OK, it's messy by MY standards, in case you readers think I'm a clean and anal freak.

(I am not, by the way)

It wasn't till my friend was over for dinner when she asked "How did the pants get there? Did she just decide to undress in the living room?"

Funny how I never thought of that. We've all just came to take her mess for granted so when communal areas in the house get unkempt I just think oh that's my housemate for you. I never actually stopped to consider how the peach seeds got under the couch, how port wine jelly stains got onto the dining table, how her worn underwear was left hanging in the bathroom for 4 days, how my favourite bowl went missing in her room, how she can leave her door open for me to take photos, and of course, how her pants end up on the living room floor, lying there as if they had been ripped off in her haste to, well, undress. Now I walk past her clothes and I think has she been undressing here?!?


I don't really know what to make of this caricature but it's apparently the clitoris. Drawn by a friend's boyfriend. What can you say eh, some people just have innate talent.

You're looking at the next Geisha

Miyagi apparently looks like Brad Pitt, and LMD looks like Chester Bennington, nevermind the gender disparity.

Well, this author (don't laugh) looks like Zhang Ziyi, Sammi Cheng, Michelle Yeoh, Jang Nara, Anita Mui, Lucille Ball, Lucy Liu, Tom Hanks (errrr), Amanda Peet, Charlie Sheen (omg), amongst others.

Go try! I wanna know who you guys look like, lol.

Absolut Brilliance

I saw this piece of news on Snog Blog:

"After 25 years and 1,500 versions of print ads built around the shape of its bottle, Absolut vodka is shelving the campaign that made it famous." -- USA Today

Not exactly "shelving", but Absolut's new ad campaign by TBWA in New York are having tv commercials now, in addition to their print ads. You've gotta be living in a cave for the past year if you haven't seen an absolut ad.

For all you ignoramuses' sakes: a full listing of Absolut ads.


Excellent location for stolen moments with your partner. Be creative! Said "partner" could be the most gigantic packet of chips you can afford at the supermarket, or - in my case - your camera.

"So where the bloody hell are you?!?"

I never was one to rave about tourism campaigns - simply because they're just geeky - but I have to say, this latest one from Downunder really caught my eye, and everyone else's.

M&C Saatchi's behind it, by the way.

I think credit really goes to the ad's punchline "So where the bloody hell are you?" We all thought the English were the ones who came up with "bloody" but apparently not. Britain has, in fact, banned the advertisement for its inappropriate use of that typical Australian slang. I hear Singapore will only show a clean version too. Bummer.

Anyhow, the TVC can be downloaded here (Quicktime, 3.9MB). Cheers!

Oh, and regarding my getting fired in the previous post, I just have to say what an assssssss my boss is. I know it's pretty rude of me to say "Walau, those China ah peks, their English really cannot make it" but it's true isn't it? The boss had meant to say "Go to the kitchen (which is at the back end)" but ended up asking me to "Go back" which is, of course, an entirely different meaning! I swore I heard him say "You go home" though, but who am I to argue with an old man?

On life, again

I'll try to write this particular entry with utmost objectivity. Under current circumstances (which will be elaborated later), I know most would jump to the conclusion of me writing this in a fit of anger but no, I've actually had some time to reflect and, well, you really should judge for yourself.

I've always expressed interest in a part-time job, or jobs, while I'm studying. Everyone knows the average student can't possibly survive too well on their parents' allowance and it's always nice to have some extra cash around. You know, for emergencies. ;)

Shortly after I'd arrived in Perth last month, a friend asked if I would take over her job at a foodcourt in West Perth paying $8 an hour and I only had to work three hours a day. Pretty simple if you thought about it. I didn't have to clean plates nor clear tables so of course it's brainless work. (There wasn't really a chance for me to turn down the job but that's another point for another day). Job-wise, I think any idiot could do it. Money-wise, however, it definitely disappointed.

(I could only put in two days at the foodcourt so that meant I was only going to make $48 a week.)

Today was my third day on the job. Well, my first day was counted as "training" and thus I wasn't paid so I suppose today was my second "proper" day at work.

I'll cut the chase. I got fired. Excellent.

I had one lousy day at work. I didn't paid as much attention as I normally did. I needed the boss to tell me instructions twice before they got lodged into my permanent headspace. So I messed up about five times on my third day and I ended up being told to "go home". Pardon me if you think I'm asking a too obvious question but did I needed to get sacked?

I have had off days at my previous workplaces, or even at school, with all those projects and assignments, but did you see those employees fire me or me giving up a project halfway?

Honestly, I do look to this as quite the blessing in disguise but it still riles me to think I was asked to leave on somewhat unjustifiable grounds (in my opinion, at least).

I gotta start looking for another job. I hear being a cleaner gets you $16 per hour.

The real meaning of Labour Day

Today's Labour Day in Westralia. That means it's a public holiday. What happens on public holidays? People don't go to work, shopping centres are closed, the buses run more infrequently, people, in general, stay at home.

The good uni, however, decides classes are to go on as normal. Do I hear something like a "WTF?!?" Well I have to say I bloody well agree. Who the hell attends classes on a public holiday? Here I thought I'd get a nice, long weekend to kick back after a harrowing first week at uni (heh) made worse by mum's repeated "It'll only get harder you know" but nooooooooo, the uni's pretty big on punishments, I hear.

The weather didn't help of course. It sucks knowing that people in Adelaide are enjoying cool breezes at 29 degress while we here in the Sunshine State practically become hot tuna at 36 degrees with no signs of cooler temperatures in the near future. Help.

The housemates

My new housemate's room:

Messy, isn't it. Well it's messy compared to mine. More here, and here. And yes, she didn't know I took pictures.

One for the curious

Just today in Print Journalism lecture it was revealed that in Norway, tax returns have been public information since 1863. Those tax returns are available by applying in person, or - get this - online via a sophisticated search engine where the curious or criminally minded can search by name, address, and age to find out all the information about the wealth and income of their boss and colleagues, family, friends, and neighbours.

Can you imagine that?! I reckon this is even better than Google Earth! Or p0rn! O_o

(More information here, via BBC)

"I wish I knew how to quit you"

I watched Brokeback Mountain this week. Legally. I wasn't even asked for my ID. Definitely score points for Australia, heh.

I'm not gonna talk about Brokeback. Not because I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone but because there isn't anything to talk about that wasn't already mentioned somewhere. I am gonna say one thing though: it wasn't exactly my cup of tea. To be honest, it was a bit boring. Perhaps I expected too much - as usual - due to all that hype. Sigh.

Anyhow, it sucks having to get used to living on my own again. I hated going home last December because I was starting to enjoy Perth quite a bit (imagine that!) and then I got used to living at home with the parents and now I have to adjust again! Argh.

Plus, having to get used to the new housemates (3 of them) and picking up their mess really gets on your nerves after a while. You think when people see a clean house they would try to keep it that way but apparently, I thought wrong. These girls have no regard for their communal environment and oh, you should see their room. Let's just say "messy" is an understatement. I can't understand why they are fine with piles of worn (I think) clothes just sitting on their beds when they've got an empty laundry basket.