my girl.

if you're desperately looking for a movie to catch,

watch My Girl.

watch it once, watch it twice,
heck, watch it a million times with your thousand girlfriends/boyfriends.

it's a great movie. but do remember to bring kleenex.

the thing about reality,

well reality television to be exact, is that they haven't got much of reality in it. what a huge irony.

yes, kudos to all the mark burnetts and simon fullers out there who created so much fun (for the viewers at least) in backstabbing, badmouthing, and egotrips gone bad. but has anyone noticed that they've termed their works of geniuses "reality tv", but at the end of the day, you really have to question: "what reality?"

on the one hand, the lack of reality doesn't really bother me. it is television afterall. how can you stand, when you turn on the black box after a day of work, to see what has basically been occuring around you in the workplace/school?
i sure don't want to lead that kind of life (what life??!!).

on the other hand, i am pretty disgusted by the lack of orginality in these shows. yes when survivor and pop idol first burst out onto the media scene, people hailed them as the programs to catch.
but these programs, unfortunately, also generated nauseating copycats like temptation island, paradise hotel, big brother, american idol and fame.

(yes, much to my disbelief, american idol was a formula taken from UK's pop idol.)

and on the other hand (oh i just realised i've got three hands), nobody realises just when a program is reaching stale-dom. one prime example is survivor.
after what, seven? eight? seasons, they've finally surrendered and leave us with an all-star season which hopefully signals the demise - oh i mean end - of mark burnett's survivor.

yeah pulau tiga was fresh with gay richard hatch and bitter sue hawk, but pearl islands was downright yawnsville. i'd lost interest after the fourth season or so, but that was mainly because there weren't any eye candies anymore (heh, oops.).

anyways, i don't know whether to be ashamed on my part, or simply put the blame on the formula itself, but american idol just has not kept me awake. for the past 4 episodes, including yesterday's uncensored shit with will hung, i've always fallen asleep midway through the show.
not even ryan seacrest (the eye candy) or simon cow (the sarcastic candy) has managed to hold my interest.

i am so thoroughly disappointed! maybe i should just stick to korean dramas.

driver on probation, beware of finger

today's driving was pretty good. (i was chuckling to myself when i wrote that. sorry, personal pun, i'm like that sometimes. excuse me.)

anyhow, we covered a lot today, my instructor and i,
'S' course, crank course, vertical parking, parallel parking, emergency braking (which was fun fun), and he told me i've finished all i've needed to learn.

so now i'm left with revisions, i think.

without any diversions i can take the test by end of this month. (school students only have a waiting period of two weeks, unlike private students who have to wait for about two months)

(two months!!!)

well the BIG problem is:

i think i'm not ready.

technically, yes i can start and stop a car, steer on gradual and sharp turns, change lanes nicely, keep below the speed limit, execute a U-turn, hold my own on slopes, curvy roads and park cars. oh and next week, i'll also learn how to drive the auto car too.

(how's that for an ego boost!)

but i just think i'm not ready! if you were in my place, don't you think you'd be able to tell if you are ready to obtain your driving license or not?

it's all about intuition and gut feeling (whatever floats your stupid boat okay) and sixth sense and all tell me i should prolong my learning process.

fast is good right? somehow my glass stands half empty on this one even though i am normally an optimistic person.

at least, i try to be. =)

p.s. i'm keeping this piece of good news from my parents. i'm afraid they'll jinx me. you know how parents are.