Too much of a good thing

I don't know if you'd consider the Internet "a good thing", I mean I certainly see the pros amongst the porn, but anyways.

Work has been good, so far. Tedious when clients get a bit nit-picky but okay nonetheless. I spend all day on the Internet. When I get home at night, the last thing I want to face is the Internet, or a computer, for that matter. You should check if the moon is pink right now because I've logged on at 8 on a Saturday morning and blogged, for heaven's sake.

I got a call from cellmate about a couple of weeks ago. She was calling from the office but because I didn't have her office number in my phonebook, I could only guess it was her from the familiarity of the number.

"Hello? 是我!" (it's me!)

I thought that was hilarious. What if I had no idea who was calling? Would "是我" explain anything? Haha. But then again, when I see it's her number flashing, I usually answer like this: 什么啦?!?

On life, part... 6?

Another weekend gone by, I'm working at the only place I've ever gone for an internship again, for four short weeks this time. Earn money and, at the same time, not be bored shitless at home.

Last weekend, my sister came home like she always does and she was about to use the printer for some notes and I said,

"I think we're running very low on colour ink so try print black if you can."

Her response?

"See what comes out lor."

Sigh. This coming from a triple e undergrad. It leave me resigned to the fact that, as smart as I am (ahem), there are just some things in this life I'm not meant to understand, and my sister's responses to printer woes is one of them.

Anyways, on brighter sides, I had a sudden thought coming home from work this past week: For the past year (2005 for the forgetful) I've used a total of seven packets of tissue. Amazing, isn't it. Don't worry, I'm still pretty hygienic.

And oh, I got tagged by that cellmate, so here goes:

Here are the regulations as passed on… The first player of this game starts with the topic “five weird habits of yourself,” and those who got tagged need to write an entry of their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five person to be tagged and link to their journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says “You are tagged” (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.

1. I'm the most fussy person I know.
2. I like mayonnaise and cheese sandwiches.
3. I like watching (some) movies alone.
4. I like seeing mitred cuffs on men, doesn't matter if said guy is ugly or old.
5. I can't live without Helvetica on my laptop (Thanks Doris). As a prevention to losing that hallowed font due to computer reformats, I've taken to saving an online copy of it. :)

I think I'll tag every 7ner, but do feel free to do this if you want.

But you don't really care for music, do you?

Another song recommendation, guys. This one prolly familiar to hard-core Shrek (that green ogre, remember?) fans: Rufus Wainwright's Hallelujah (via Yousendit).

Such a beautiful tune.

I was watching the first season of The L Word when this one character said "The Bible condemns homosexuality. That's why God took your unborn child from your lesbian lover.

"That baby is with Him now. So he doesn't have to suffer the degradation he would have been subjected to had he been born into your depraved life."

Anyhow, they started playing that song right at the moment, sorta like pairing it with the other party's reaction and it was so good! I think I was glued to my laptop at that point.

Fin by Blue Lagoon

Cleo magazine calls it Fin Seafood Cafe, but the restaurant's proper name is Fin by Blue Lagoon. Don't ask me why.

We were there for lunch on friday afternoon, and I swear, this places serves the best affordable seafood chowder evar.

Looks deceive, this chowder came complete with bite-sized fish slices, squids, and oysters. Two thumbs up.

The Fish & Chips did taste good, if you could stomach watching oodles of oil oozing out as the fish is sliced. Fantastic chili dip and chips though. Fin Seafood Cafe is at Marina Square, #02-226. The restaurant does takeaway for their Fish n Chips, which is fortunate because they are about the size of my room, not a whole lot of sitting space there.

Inside wants out

Welcome to a new layout featuring the title of John Mayer's indie CD (Yes him again), and a picture of some friends from uni taken at Westralia's City Beach. No more bright green background so your eyes are spared.

For starters,

we have this photo of yours truly sharing a tyre swing with my elder sis. Those were the days. Somehow, with our wee powers combined, we managed to push the swing to an unbelievable slant, making me - the obvious lighter being - seem heavier. Way to go.

Cheesecake tales

Yesterday I made cheesecake from a recipe dug up from Mum's recipe files. Lol. Neither oven nor microwave was used. The cheesecake was made by mixing gelatine (agar-agar powder) and cream cheese, poured over a base of crushed biscuits. Behold, pictures!

Crushed biscuits

Cheese mixture


Mum said the biscuit base was a bit too much. I said yah, and I crushed them until I want to peng san you know.

Reduced price CDs

I was at Gramophone ("Without music, life would be a mistake") the newly atas CD store on Sunday when I came across Thirteen Senses' The Invitation. It was on discount. They were selling for $9.95, I think. But I managed to talk myself out of it. How?

"Huh, discount ah. Must be not very nice then."

Still making re-adjustments and wishing the family helped

I just realised today that our prominent local newspaper, The Straits Times, only takes a single day of vacation in an entire year. That lucky day happens to be Christmas.

I just think it is odd that journalists have chosen to take every December 25th off. Christmas is afterall a Christian holiday. Wouldn't having New Year's Day off be more apropos? Then everyone gets to celebrate their year of hard work with toasts to deadlines past, future and present.


Today's title says "Still making re-adjustments and wishing the family helped". Here're four scenarios which, I hope, will aptly explain myself.

Scenario 1:

Mum was working some excel charts for work but unfortunately she ran into some problems concerning her source data and page breaks. It was only half past ten at night but I was lying on my bed with my eyes closed, purportedly asleep. My sister was in the living room doing something only God would have knowledge of. Of all people, Mum came running into my bedroom, shook me from my purported sleep, and dragged me to the PC demanding I solve her problems. No apologies whatsoever.

Scenario 2:

My sister complained of an extremely stiff neck. Again, I was on the verge of reaching the state commonly known as deep sleep and the time was quarter to 12, or thereabout. Mum said, Go wake your sister and ask her to rub the ointment for you. My sister, being an idiot herself, heeded my Mum's good intentions and came into my bedroom, turned on the lights, and repeated Mum's request to me, in my almost-asleep condition. No apologies whatsoever.

Scenario 3:

This took place in Perth, around the time where my thousand and one deadlines hovered. The lack of inspiration combined with fatigue from staying up late a previous night led me to taking a nap at nine that evening. The phone in the lounge jolted me for a bit but I managed to ignore it, but it turned out to be for me so my housemate knocked on my door. When it had been obvious I was asleep, she apologised profusely.

Scenario 4:

I was lying on my bed during a dull moment in the book I was reading when Mum called for me to close the door as my parents were going out. I got up halfway but heard Dad said Nevermind lah, she's sleeping. I get up anyway because I, for once, wasn't sleeping.

See the difference, guys? I simply cannot understand why my Mother considers it a-ok for me to be interrupted in sleep or work just so I can attend to her inane (at times) favours. Fuck, Mom, surely you can see that I am asleep and thus, not able to help you? And the lack of apologies! How very atrocious.