Hurrah to one-word titles. Saves me heaps of time thinking of clever euphemisms.

I had a job interview circa two weeks ago, and I figured now might be a save time to blog about it. Objectively, two weeks might also be presented as an appropriate amount of cooling-off period so I do not look like I am ranting my brains out. Of course, what is my blog but for me to spew mindless tirades, so I'll have you know, my horoscope - and hence my disposition - is one of objectivity and fairness.

(Means Libra lah)


Miscommunication on the first part led to a rocky start. I take full blame for this. She said her name was A, I heard it as B (which sounds very similar to A), when I called to confirm my interview, "Hi B, I'm calling to confirm...", A did not correct me. I'll leave it to her not hearing it, you know mobile phones to not be entirely dependable.

My arrival at the office asking for B of course initiated my downfall. An employee overheard my name mistake and gave me this look- like I should bury myself six feet under for committing such a dreadful faux pas. Indeed, I should have but it was a honest mistake, one that was quite easily solved, if I do say so myself. Still, that look was completely uncalled for, not to mention low-class.

Of course I didn't have a good interview. Looking at the signs, I should have cabot as fast as my two-inch pumps could take me. Someone who was allegedly the AD came out to meet me and oh my, apparently she doesn't believe in grooming. She looked like a bloody factory worker. No makeup, sloppy dressing, snobby attitude, etc. etc. Here I am, an earnest fresh grad looking for an entry-level position in your esteemed company and you come interview me in your bloody pyjamas? It's worse than me getting your name wrong!

Nothing spells "thanks for your time but we're actually not looking to hire at the moment" than a heck-care attitude towards interviewees. I felt like all I did was provide some sort of comic service that would occupy a month's worth of lunchtime conversation.

Well rot in media hell you stupid cow. I hope I never have to see your faux-elite face again.

Nation branding 101

Simon Anholt (nation branding guru) would be proud that our little red dot has managed to create this concept of the Singapore island and then pursue it remorselessly.

In the 1990s, Graham Thomas (then CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi) promoted Singapore ruthlessly- whether through tourism, the Singapore Girl, or economic interests. Now in the 21st century, it's reassuring to know that our efforts in Singapore's nation branding have not gone to naught, for we have garnered a gargantuan amount of... unique awards that do not run along the lines Best Airport or Busiest Port:
  • World's Largest Contingent of Balloon Hat Wearers
  • World's Longest Bra Chain
  • World's Biggest Game of Musical Chairs
  • World's Largest Gathering of Dancing Dragons
  • World's Fastest Text Messenging
  • Longest Distance Swum with One Leg Vertically Upright (I can't even imagine)
  • Most Expensive Car Bought by a Singaporean (The lucky car? A Pagani Zonda F, apparently hits 100km/h in less than 4 seconds. Totally useless feature because it's practically illegal to go that fast anyway.)
  • Longest Toe-Weaving (referring to errr, friendship bands)
and finally,
  • Fastest Time to Drink 350L of Milo from a Milo Truck (won by NUS!!! Good to know it's not just all study and no play)
Happy National Day to our unique Singapore!

(Awards list via LIME, thanks!)

A sign that God really listens

Steve Jobs (God, according to Popagandhi) has finally given us Safari in Windows! As much of a Mac fan I am, Windows is still my OS du jour. Windows XP, not Vista, if I could just make that clear to you. I might convert to Apple in future, but I've had two opportunities in the past 4 years and I have stuck to Windows without much regret. So, sorry Steve. But I am loving the fact that you have finally released the Windows version of Safari.

Anyways, so yeah, I am back in Singapore, trying hard to sell myself as an enthusiastic participant of the workforce given the fact that if I could stay in Perth, I would, and if I could go back to school, hell yeah I'd take it too.

But - and this is good time for a cliche - when life gives you lemons in the form of moving back into my parents' house, you make lemonade. How? I have no idea. At least I don't share a room with my sibling anymore, which has been a bit of a dread in the last couple of years.

Are making five year plans old-fashioned? It just might be effective at this very uncertain period and very unbecoming of someone who is only accustomed to making five-day plans. I sound very glass half-empty but let me assure you it's not... I think. Well, it's simply due to the fact that my Brothers & Sisters download is taking forever!