New York New York

Great shots of NYC, including one that's absolutely magnificent, taken from the Empire State Building observation deck.

Via Ad & Design Goodness. Click image for flickr set.

Housekeeping in progress

Am in the process of moving (again), this time to Wordpress. Here is the address.

Sometimes you just can't help but wonder

Yesterday's dinner conversation was about being marginalised in Perth. Like I said, sometimes you just can't help but wonder. We had a unit inspection by the powers-that-be (actually just the housing office) on whether our cleaning roster's adhered to, stuff like that, yesterday. According to the damn office, villagers found not doing their duties were to receive a pre-determind amount of fine and a warning letter. What happened last semester was that one of my housemates, non-Australian, got slapped with a $25 penalty for some mould in the bathroom which could not be removed with normal household grade cleaning agent. Apparently the office was aware of that, but fined the housemate anyways.

This semester, two of my housemates, both Australians, were found to have not done their duty to the inspector's satisfaction. Guess what? They got just a warning slip, no fine.

It's incidents like these that bring to mind other once-thought trivial occasions like being ignored at ice cream counters, being egged while on buses, y'know, little little things, but things that make you wonder nonetheless.

The real turkish delight

The night before last my computer suffered a reformat. "Suffered" is right. For someone as anal as I am, reformats are like a kick back to square one. It's not so much the programmes re-installing, it's putting everything back in their neat little places and setting every damn thing up all over again.


I saw this post in The Food Pornographer and viola, dinner for two nights. Well the second night was really leftovers but it was nice anyways!

Before... we've got onions, mushrooms, carrots, string beans, sun-dried tomatoes, capsicums, and cheddar cheese piled on turkish bread and baked in all our ovenly goodness. :-)

The result?

Very delighted stomachs.

On life (yeah, again)

Returned home today only to realise I had been overcharged $2.30 at the friendly neighbourhood supermarket. Note to self: don't shop at stores owned by the little people, they never update their computers on their store promotions.

And another big news: one of my groupmates in psy class has "withdrawn from uni due to stress", said an email from her "administration". How shocking, considering she had seemed to be coping well during group discussions and tutorials. (she felt tutorials were "a waste of time", I guess with a comment like that......)

Next time remind me not to team up with women old enough to be my grandmother. And please pray that said grandmother is not computer-literate enough to find this blog. :P

Odd spots

Odd Spots!

I don't know what to make of this but the back of those stickers on the sanitary napkins I use has these interesting "Odd Spots" on them. So do not mind me if you think I'm spending more time in the toilet during my time of the month, I'm just... reading. And here's one for you:

Odd Spot #20
From the age of 30, humans gradually begin to shrink.

(There's no hope for you now, Ping)

Oh, I kinda think this is what PAP is striving for:

Odd Spot #22
If the population of China walked past you in a single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction

(Now that's one too many "accidents")

That little thing you're wearing, it is 60 years old

The next time you hit the beach, remember that little scrap of bikini you're wearing is launched by a French automative engineer who named it after the site of a nuclear test. The bikini also first started out an instant failure. But happy birthday anyways.



Friends. Take 'em or leave 'em.


This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds...

Today's entry would prolly do better with an accompanying photo so my apologies about that.

(edit, alritey, I took the photo)

I saw this really novel bit of outdoor advertising while I was waiting at the bus stop. It was on one of those JCDecaux boards and was a promo for M-I:3 and what made it stood out was its interactivity. They've got this little spot on the poster that allows you to connect with your mobile phone via infra-red and you get free wallpapers and ringtones, M-I:3 related, of course. The ringtone I got went "This message will self destruct in five seconds." Cool huh? Never thought outdoor advertising could be interactive in such a way so kudos to the team who thought that idea up.


Fruitopia label

I found this on my Fruitopia bottle today, it says: Store in a cool place (like under a palm tree)

Another one of those "On life" things

The last time I checked, me and my fellow contemporaries are supposed to be uni students. I am doing a minor in psychology. Why the hell is my textbook written like a kiddie novel? There're imaginary characters popping up all over and there's this teacher character of some sort.

Get this:

What are ABCs of behaviour analysis, Midori?

"Antecedents, behaviour, and consequences."

And why are the ABCs important to us?

"Because that's what behaviour analysis is about, the way behaviour is related to its antecedents and consequenes."

And that's just the beginning. There are apparently other "students" in the book named Jamal, Alfred, Maya, Carlotta, Belinda, John, etc. etc. etc. And oh god, this one chapter ends with: "That was an excellent summary, Jamal, and I'd like to hear more, but I'm afraid we're out of time. Be sure to collect the handouts before you leave. See you next time."

What the hell?!?!?! Who is Jamal? What handouts? And "See you next time"?!?!? I think this author is taking this play acting a bit too far, don't you reckon? It just came so unexpectedly, you pick up a book titled "Methods in Applied Behaviour Analysis", something you expect to be scholarly and serious and, to be honest, quite boring and you see this!! I don't know if I should trust what I'm reading, seriously. If the book wasn't necessary for my research report I'd have thrown it away in horror. Oh god.

JAPAN has begun to watch digital television broadcasts on mobile telephones, in a highly anticipated service that could lead to a new genre of TV programs.

What do you reckon? DTV on mobile phones means better image quality (duh) and longer tv time per battery life, about three hours or so. I kinda think I like phones just they way they are now - with camera that're just VGA quality, colour screens and mp3 ringtones - but come Singapore's turn to launch this, I just might be eating my words.

So... what did you learn in school today?

Got it in an email from my psyc lecturer. God I hope my kid doesn't end up like this. My guess is the one holding the saw is the parent.