8000ft today, 14000ft tomorrow

That's right. Skydiving! Moi! uh huh.

I did a tandem dive at 8000 feet and now I'm utterly hooked. No words aptly describe the feeling you get when your andrenalin pumps and the exact moment you tumble out of the plane, do a 360 degree roll, and onto the clouds. Heaven does not come close.

Oh then the free fall. We got about 15 seconds of arms splayed, knees bent, wind rushing up experience. Just took my breath away, literally. 15 seconds is too short.

At about 2000 feet, Dave (that's the instructor) opened our parachute, and it was all gliding from there. He let me steer for a while and we went round in circles for a bit, admiring the gorgeous West Australia scenery. Beautiful, goes without saying. Dave gave me a bit of an alarm when he started to loosen my reins a minute after he opened the parachute, I thought he was gonna let me fall! Fortunately he said "Just to give you some room there", whew.

So here we go! All is well and safe. One happy instructor and one addicted parachutist. Next round I wanna go up to 14000 feet. -grins-

(More pictures)

All together now: vegemite!

My Australian housemate made me try vegemite today. I think we know it as marmite in Singapore, anyway they're all yeast extracts.

Vegemite has got to be the saltiest thing I've ever tasted. Evar. In my entire life. I was cooking dinner (yes I can cook) while Nic (from Germany) was cleaning our fridge when I noticed Vegemite on Bec's shelf. Conveniently, Bec came trotting out so I asked, "You eat Vegemite too?"

"Oh yeah." (wide grin)
"Is it an Australian thing?"
"YEAH." (nods)
"What does it go with?"
"I dunno, I eat it plain."

My eyes widened in shock when I heard that. Nic looked on while Bec continued "It's really salty, you probably won't like it." Seeing my shocked reaction still on my face, Bec added, "You wanna try?"

Of course I declined. But that was on Sunday.

Monday evening, Bec again asked me, "You wanna try Vegemite?" (Oh god, why doesn't she give up?) Since she asked twice, I decided Vegemite must be something that doesn't taste as bad as it sounded so I said, "Yeah, if you don't mind." I received a 5 cent sized lump on her spoon and OH MY BLOODY GOD. OH MY BLOODY GOD.

She was nice enough to say I could spit it out if I wanted but I just took it down like I had been downing Vegemite all my life.

"It's an acquired taste."
"Oh yeah, definitely."

Home gymnastics

We were pretty bored. It's more fun than it looks, anyhow.
A related site: House Gymnastics

The point where variety becomes a headache

Spring is supposed to be here but Perth nights are still as cold as ever!

I went for a walk in a tee and track pants, that's right, sans jacket, and I nearly froze my tight little ass off. Made me wish I were back home, I feel weird not having perspired for so long. :S

Anyhow, grocery shopping is starting to work its thang on me. Usually I'm in and out of Coles in about 45-60 minutes, even though careful analysis of my shopping list would probably give an estimate of 15 minutes. I mean, how long does one take to get milk, fruits, chips and the occasional pasta? Not 45 minutes definitely.

I didn't used to go grocery shopping much, but now that I have to fend for myself, weekly shopping trips are necessary to get my dose of fibre, calcium, carbohydrates, and what nots.

Have you noticed the variety they have at the supermarket? Buying milk alone is enough headache. Low fat? Hi calcium? Full cream? And I'm not even gonna talk about the brands they have. Goodness.

Oh, buying sanitary napkins are worse. Wing? Non-wing? Slim? Normal? Ultra slim? Carefree? Kotex? Store brand? OH MY GOD! It's enough to make me tear my hair out! Whatever happened to good old Laurier's cotton soft ultra slim with wings?!?!?

It's gotten to a point where I'd get a headache and simply grab the cheapest item off the shelves. This usually means buying store-brand goods. Interestingly enough, Australia's store-brand stuff are quite usable, the toilet paper is thick enough, the pizza is tasty enough, I haven't died from homebrand pasta, well, almost everything except store-brand chips. Try homebrand chips at your own risk, guys! :S

Mid autumn festival

A sneak peek...

...and a special little haunting:

(more pictures)

On a clear day, you can see tomorrow

One thing that's unexpected here is the weather forecast. Those people are bloody brilliant, if the powers-that-be say it's gonna rain, then it will rain, if it's gonna be sunny, you can bet your life it'll be sunny.

I don't know how these people do it. I guess they take their jobs more seriously here because Perth's weather is more unpredictable. In Singapore, you just have to say And the weather for the next few days look set to be sunny, hot, and humid while Perth could be sunny one day, pouring the next.

It almost felt like home yesterday, except it was that part of home I don't particularly miss. Yesterday was hot like hell. Good god, even the wind was warm. One could get a headache if one were to take a stroll at 3pm, which was exactly what I did. How silly eh, on hindsight.

Anyhoo, some pictures:

More are available my flickr page.

Happy mid-autumn festival guys! Mum sent paper lanterns over so perhaps I'll have photos of those in an upcoming entry.

One for the gentlemen

Being able to impress will always work to our male counterparts' advantage. Take it from me guys (lol), this will definitely improve your standing with the lay-dees. Oh, and while you guys are at it, take some effort and brush up your appearances, manners, and personal grooming first. And for my personal case, you must spit gud engrish.

On a clear day, people sunbathe along the banks.

City Beach

We took time out for a bbq at City Beach this past weekend. A bit of sand, wind, and water wouldn't do anyone harm. Much better than East Coast at home, I'd have to admit. Thing is, it's helluva far from my house, about a two hour journey by public bus and 30 minutes by car.

Enjoyable day, nonetheless.

You guys like that lomo effect on the picture? I love lomographs. I would have gotten the LC-A (that's the lomo camera), but there's only those 35mm version. All that money on rolls and rolls of film.


Thanks to Jason Kottke's blogroll, I went to Happy Go Larry and discovered Uncrate: The Online Buyer's Guide for Men.

I know it's for the opposite sex, for those of my readers who simply jump too quickly to (ridiculous) conclusions. But Uncrate has some really neat stuff. Like the beautiful tie for a future boyfriend, the refrigerator that doubles up for a delightful conversation piece, the basin to add flair to your bathroom, and even something to perk a boring work day!

Check it out. Uncrate.

Old habits die hard, new habits form easy

What's most interesting is that I see traits beginning to develop as a result of my time here. Eight weeks is not a long time, but long enough to notice that I've started to automatically keep bread in the freezer, pair fruits with vanilla yogurt, drink soy milk, and - this should not be encouraged - having a designated chips-&-alcohol night almost every week.

(A couple of weeks ago I tried Baileys Glide and I've also figured out how to safely keep wine in the refrigerator.)

What I had expected to pick up upon Perth arrival was cooking skills. Instead, I had learnt the abovementioned, and improved my sandwich-making creativity. This is not to say I haven't been cooking for myself at all, oh no. Didn't I mention sandwiches in a previous sentence? Well, that and the occasional fried egg (sunny side up!) and cabbage when yours truly feel like it. Mum's gonna be so pleased.

Speaking of cooking,

Bec, my housemate, burnt her dinner two nights ago. Haha. She was doing some job application when she forgot about her cooking. Whooops! Heh. So for that entire night and a bit of the morning after, our kitchen had this chao tar smell. Bec was so embarrassed she made a note for us:

of course it should really be:

Apologies for the smell COMMA I burnt my dinner PERIOD Sorry COMMA Bec

But I shall not be anal about this.

Oh, wait, I already have! :)

This is some cool shite (Updated 12 Sep)

Introducing the iPod Nano. 'Nuff said.

--- UPDATE ---

Over the weekend I hopped over to Carillion City Arcade where the Apple Centre's at to have a Nano test-drive.

Honestly, the Nano wasn't what I'd expected. It looks good, though. Oh yeah, it definitely wins hands down on the aesthetics. Size-wise... it's tad too small for my liking.

The Nano's built on the Shuffle skeleton, so no more hard drive for you, it's all flash-based now. It feels weird to be pressing buttons and scrolling wheels on something so miniature and fragile-looking, so much so that I felt as if that damn thing was gonna break if I were to, perhaps, give it a slight squeeze. The Nano looks like it'll snap if you sit on it.

Looks aside, Nano's features are great. You've got a world clock, games, and well, pretty much all the standard stuff the iPod's got, and oh, a colour screen and picture storage. But with only four precious gigs, I think I'll stick to all my John Mayer and Beatles' tunes.

Spring! Spring! Wherefore art thou, Spring?

I hope spring, the most romantic of all seasons, is finally here. Today was an unusually warm day. Well yeah of course Singapore is where warm is, but on Perth terms, today was warm. A light jacket sufficed, though it did felt like the wind could blow me away. Now wouldn't that be something.

Every week in documentary film lecture we get screenings of pre-selected docos which were related to what that particular lecture topic was about. Anyhow, that's not the main point. Thing is, at each screening, students like me and them like to munch on something. It's this whole couch potato syndrome, y'know?

Funny thing is, if this were to happen at the lecture theatres of my old poly, rats and cockroaches would have had nice little nests there by now. In short, Australians clean up after themselves, Singaporeans don't.


Well it's true isn't it? Right now, food and drinks are banned inside SP's lecture theatres, theoretically speaking. We all know nobody ever follow the rules. So why is it that a place where food and drinks is banned yields more food leftovers than at a place where food and drinks are accepted with opened arms, sometimes with opened mouths?

Funny, ain't it.


Hi there,

Today's post is dedicated to pk! Hey pk! Here's a packet of Milky Way for you! :)