revenents come out to play

today (i think) marks the dawn of hungry ghosts' festival, or zhong yuan jie, for us chinese.

for some unfathomable reason i get incredibly spooked when this period rolls around every year. doesn't everyone?

it didn't help when an article in the january 2003 issue of twenty4seven (local mag which i think has gone out of circulation) had taxi drivers proclaim all the weird and infamous sightings around our little island.

one notorious revelation, particularly, hit too close for comfort.
apparently tanah merah, affectionately termed as my backyard, is home to a mother-cum-child visitor who have a tendency to pick up taxi drivers and disappearing while in transit.

i too have a tendency, not to pick up cab drivers of course, but to err into tanah merah when i decide to get home while saving 63 measly cents on bus fare.

and you bet i won't be doing that for this entire month. =)

on another subject, dad is amazed at how much smses i send in a month.
i, on the other hand, don't think 300 plus smses are a hell lot. but according to my parents, i can sit for an hour concentrating only on my handphone and nothing else.

mum tells me to do the same for schoolwork. (unfortunately impossible. sorry mum.)

suspicions: confirmed

if i were given a choice, i would like suspicions to retain their status quo, as suspicions.

90 percent of the time people dread the truth, don't they? i know i do.
i've had the dubious honour of confirming a long-standing suspicion of late and truth is, i'd much rather not find out.

for example, you think guy A likes you, but you don't like him, neither do you want him to like you, a platonic friendship works fine for you at the moment.
but then, bam, a friend of a friend of a friend tells you he's got the biggest crush on you.

everything changes.

now you think you can never be yourself around him again. a year later you aren't even friends anymore.
see what i mean here?

but hold on, before i steamroll ahead as i usually do, i should just tell you this ain't a real life example. haha, suckerrrs.


Connect 2004, the dmc networking event, was quite nicely done. better emcees, better food, better location, better guests, urm, better... urm, music?

last year's committee was a bunch of egoistic guys, so it's not like it was hard to top them. -shrugs-

happy father's day

yes, happy father's (note singular use) day to, i think, the nicest dad in the world.

the things people usually take for granted are often the most delightful favours one can get.

i don't know why it took me almost 19 years (wait, make that 15 years as i think i only started to intellectuallize thoughts after my third birthday) to realise and appreciate all the good things my silly dad has done for me (cue tears).

no, he doesn't tell me he loves me - and i hope he doesn't because i can't imagine how weird that would be - and neither does he gives me hugs when the moment calls for it.
it's just the little things he goes out of his way to do or get that makes him such a wonderful dad. oh, sobs.

case, or rather, cases in point: my numerous little booklets of charity tickets that he brings to his office to sell, and sold the entire booklet. no complains.

my infinite collection of earrings that vanished down the black hole that we call the sink, he dug (though sewer trash and human orifice excretions) back up. well, 99 percent of them anyway. again, no complains.

my request for a driver's license, even though i knew it'd cost a bomb, he relented, without much dissent.

my accidental, note accidental, scratching of his vehicle's hubcap, which is irreplaceable according to my mum, he lets it slide without any looks of askance.

my childish antics around the house, he pretty much tolerates, and occasionally participates, like putting my softtoy in my mum's clothes and driving her crazy.

oh i could go on forever, metaphorically speaking. if you've noticed, my dad spoils me. my parents spoil me, that's what you get for being the youngest. hahahahahahahahaha.

today should be father's day, looking at the nature of my post; but it's not.

it is, however, perrine's birthday. so go over and wish her something appropriate. do remember to use proper english. =)

while bored to death in the library,

for that one moment in my pathetic life, i wish the library was back to its musty old self: creaking shelves, mouldy books, the random pervert hoping to score with girl geeks, and no air conditioning (thereby causing us to suffocate. how i managed to survive is a long story best served on my deathbed.).

is there really a use or reason to upgrade our libraries to their spanking new facade, complete with computerised filing systems and broadband internet connection?

i don't think so.

not when they still retain their musty old books, noisy kids, and fussy computers that shut down on you whenever they like to.

i was using my station when i decided to re-boot the whole machine in hope of a faster surfing speed. the restart button did not work, no surprises there.
so i was stuck with my a bit buggy computer for about a good half hour.

30 minutes later the restart button decides to kick into action, closing a very important page i was viewing, and a half written, unsaved email too.

what the hell.

despite, i reckon i'm incredibly lucky to have typed this far without any major mishaps.
on the other hand, however, i am rendered to half my normal typing pace as the keyboard is, guess what, s.l.o.w.

and on that same hand, the library has decided to kick my tagboard to the category of chat, thus it's unviewable. why i waste my money using slow internet (and slow everything else) at the library while i can have true broadband at home remains an incredible mystery.

sarcasm, again.

do you think it's okay to be sarcastic to your lecturer?

i mean, i'm not worrying about whether she'll get it or not, because she definitely will, rather, it's about whether it's appropriate or not.

see, i got an unidentified sms requesting a meeting with the sender about a couple of minutes ago. and in situations like this i usually reply affirmative, with an added, "and you are...?"
now this is me being polite. as you can see i'm pretty well brought up. =)

however, if i were my usual self, i would probably have typed, "well it helps a lot if you could identify yourself so i know whose room to go to...?"

and i was in the midst of typing the latter message when the imperative question of decorum popped up.

is this okay? is this not okay?

granted, lecturer and student ties may have gotten increasingly close (too close) but they're not your best friends aren't they? so a mini tug-o-war ensued, but politeness won.

and in retrospect, i guess that was what i really should have done. score one for my mindful, immaculate courtesy! lol.


my parents were out and i was bored with only channel newsasia (everyone's watching it) for entertainment.

apparently Indonesia's presidential aspirant susilo bambang yodhoyoro (haha! i spelt it correctly), or SBY as he's affectionately termed, is leading polls almost everywhere. it'd have been a fine coverage by CNA (for once) had CNA's Indonesia bureau chief haseenah koyakutty (yes! no mistakes again!) not spoke soooooooooo slooooooowwwlyyyyyyy. i kid you not. her speed's about three words per minute. how very devastating and sad.

glenda chong, however, is a different story. if koyakutty is three wpm, then glenda must be about 300 wpm. my dad's favourite news presenter (noooo kidding) speakssofast, she's like the bullet train of speech. i don't know if it's got to do with her stint in the US - boston university specifically - because you know americans - fastfastfast, like there's some kind of time limit. it's hard to catch what glenda's saying sometimes.

anyways, digressing a wee bit, i think glenda has so much poise. if one overlooks her tendency to steamroll her words, one discovers quite an excellent package. sorta like arnold gay (yes i cannot discuss about news presenters without mentioning my favourite)

and don't tell me arnold's married with kids. i know he's married, and just about every rumour too if you really want to know. anyways, being married only maketh the man more sexy. haha. on a sidenote, i can't discuss about local anchors without getting reminded of phyllis peter (hello, how are you) and doris nga, too.

go figure.

you like campbell's, you must be anal

i have to admit, campbells must be the soup for anal people.

i was doing lunch today (cream of mushroom) and my soup just turned out crummy and watery. not that i'm a bad cook - i have my martin yan can cook days - but campbells really is adamant about people following their instructions.

so "add one cup of water" really do literally means one cup of water, and one cup only. if not, welcome to crummy soup, just like mine.

i was only intending to boil half a can so naturally the correct amout of water would be half a can too, right?
ok so maybe i had like 2/3 can of water but there really isn't much noticeable difference between 1/2 and 2/3, is there? on cooking terms, i mean.

anyhow, i guess campbells must have been invented by sticklers, for sticklers. how evil and obscenely selfish. to think i used to like campbells.

on a sidenote, diaryland is frustrating. the servers keep getting overloaded, so i was unable to post.
i don't know if it's due to a surge in number of members, but is that really possible seeing that blogging has almost gone passe, leaving the dedicated ones.

on another sidenote, i am going to watch spiderman 2 today! kiasuism has led me to get advanced tickets and good seats. it'll be my last movie (and entertainment) before school's final year rears her fugly head!