Beer, beer everywhere

In Australia, children are told that beer, their national drink, is made up of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. That's right kids, beer = water.

I spotted this hugh-ass banner hanging on the train platform:

That's for the Fremantle Beer Fest this weekend, and... this author is itching to go. :-) I mean, how can you live in Australia but not have an occasional beer?

Stare what stare?!?

I'm afraid some people in the village are going to know me as The Asian Pervert. Not that I'm spending my precious waking hours as a peeping tom (tommette? tommila? tomelina?) but you know, sometimes people... just... misunderstand.

By the way, that's the view I get from my new room. There used to be a lake (on right) during the winter months but seems like that water's been sapped up by summer. :(

Anyhow. I wasn't actually peeping at my neighbour, she just had her blinds wide open and her lights on and it was at night so it was mighty easy to look in. We were just lepak-ing on the patio and I was sitting in her direction so of course it'd seem like I was looking at her room.

And you know how I sometimes think of remarkably stupid things to do/say like wondering if my hairdryer works in Perth, stuff like that so I suddenly thought "Do you think she can see us from her window? What if I wave? Would that make it easier for her to see us?"

So I waved.

And she saw us.

And... she urm, shut her blinds.

So that really made me feel like some peeping tomelina. But you see, like I explained above, her lights were on and we were sitting in semi-darkness on our patio so it was easy to look into her room. Plus, fate made sure I was facing her window because the other direction would have been to face this guy who thinks he has such a delicious bod and I certainly wouldn't want him to think I was oogling (good grief. some guys can be too obnoxious).

Well, judging by tonight's events, I think I'll sit facing the other direction next time. I reckon it's much better having Mr. Hot Bod's head swell than having people think I'm a peeping tommila. Ugh.

Hello, Westralia

Travelling on a plane alone is certainly liberating. No one notices you and you're free to roam the plane as you wish. I went straight up to Business class (they don't allow you through First class) and admired their seats, took pictures from both sides of the plane, requested for playing cards, and took pictures of the air people. Very nice.

Perth offers an amazing view from the top. Even better than Google Earth. Very nice if you'd just stepped out from the toilet doing Mile High Club things and clear blue waters and white sandy coastlines greeted you. :)

I have nice housemates. Took us a while to get used to each other but at least we're talking like civil people now. We have three newbies in our house - two dancers and one doing fashion design. All Australians. A lot of dancers and other WAAPA students have joined the village this semester actually, so it's somewhat overwhelming, especially the dancers because we simply cannot tell them apart. To be honest I cannot recognise my housemates should I meet them outside our house. Oh but the fashion designer put her television (flatscreen leh!) in the lounge so we have a communal tv now. Heh heh.

The weather is so fucking hot. 39 degrees and going to continue for about two more months. Help.

How to give yourself (and people around you) a heart attack

It's not surprising I end up having too many things to pack. My family members are light travellers, but I'm not. My stingy self is packing a whole lotta of stuff I can easily get in Perth, but just don't want to spend my money on. Thank god though, I've nearly done my check-in luggage.

Mum was pushing my suitcase around - that's the only way to move it, it's too heavy to be lifted up - and singing "It's heavy~ It's heavy~" so we decided to weigh it. We all want to sleep soundly tonight knowing no extra costs will be incurred by excess baggage.


"Eh you hold the scale, I lift the suitcase."
"Really can ah? The suitcase bigger than the scale leh, will break or not?"
"Can one. Put gently ah."
"Ok. Can you see?"
"47... nearly 50."
"So heavy meh?"
"47 mah... You come and see."
"Huh?!?! Like that how? Must pay a lot or not? How come so heavy? Last time only 31kg leh."
"Then how? Take out some things ah?"
"But I need everything!"

In that moment of contemplation, Dad - our saviour - walked over.

"So? Overweight ah?"
"Are you sure!? I see I see."
"24kg lah!! Where got 47? That one is pounds! Pounds!"

"... ..."
"... ..."

"Oh yeah. Yeah... 24."

Make room for (cheap) ideas

There are some things in this world that would take me a while (read: 30-60 min) to pick out when shopping. Lingerie, sanitary napkins, milk, CDs, books, and - this I wasn't even aware of until yesterday - bedsheets and duvet covers.

Ikea has one of the biggest selection of affordable duvet covers I've seen. I was at Robinsons earlier this week and the (numskulled) sales person recommended me $99 duvet covers. Hello? Do I look like I sleep on $99 sheets? I am a poor student who's just particular about having clean sheets to sleep on at night, not your usual Robinsons tai-tai who'd pooh-pooh at $99 duvet covers and go for $200 ones. Not everyone is a sales target who contributes to your commission. It wasn't like there weren't cheaper ones there, the sales lady just wanted to make me buy the expensive ones. Like I said, numskulled.

So I went to Ikea, poor furniture for poor folks, and y'know, sometimes having too many choices can be such a headache. Stripes? Spots? English roses? Cartoon characters? Plain? Green? Blue? Red? Beige? White? Cotton? Satin? And what exactly is a bedspread? What purpose does it serve?

You don't need to know how long I spent in there. Just know that I settled for $39 english roses. Even Mum likes it. I kinda forced her with something like "Nice right?! Nice right?! I think it's nice! Isn't it nice? It's nice!" so of course she said "Yah... nice." Oh but it could be the almond jelly though, she did look a bit faint then. :S

Tribal council

The verdict on my previous post's almond jelly is out.

Me: ... It's weird.
Mum: Ok what.
No it's weird. Doesn't it taste spicy to you? It's not supposed to be spicy right?
No almond does taste like-
It's like I put too much almond flavouring.
No no... really is like that one. But I think you need more sugar.
And maybe more water so it looks more like tofu than agar-agar. And I should have bought full cream milk instead.

So that's it. More sugar, more water, full cream milk instead of low fat.

V day

Guess what I got for Valentine's Day.

Besides a dinner date with the single girls (not an all-expenses-paid thing, neither were flowers given), my mother gave me ingredients for my very own almond jelly.

Did I mention how much I love almond jelly? I love almond jelly. My dad's eldest sister makes the best almond jelly evar. It's the only thing I look forward to during Chinese New Year. Having wrangled the not-so-secret recipe from her in between angbaos and bak kwa, mum apparently thought it would a swell idea for yours truly to make her very own almond jelly on Valentine's Day.

So tonight, with four bowls of water, a half bowl of sugar, one bottle of almond essence, and one can of evaporated milk later, I have four servings of almond jelly, and am waiting for mum to try it first. Will let you guys know if things turn tragic.

On life, part 6

Laziness is driving to the nearest market to have lunch, and then driving back. Said market is one measly busstop away.

Anyhow. I need to be recommended one of those competent anti-aging creams. Note key word: competent.

Just a few thursdays ago I was deciding on dinner when I stopped outsite Phin's to read their menu. The waiter asked if I needed help and I, in return, asked regarding their student meals. He gave a "I'm sorry, those are for lunch hours only. Are you a student?"

"Oh. Don't look like one."

We didn't have dinner at Phin's that night. (Just for the record, we settled for beef noodles at the foodcourt)

Incident 2 happened at the hairdresser's. I was waiting my turn when Ms Hairdresser herself threw me a "Today not working ah?"

... ... ...

I'm so upset. Upset and in disbelief. A one-time occurrence can be brushed off like an irritating housefly but twice is something else! Twice makes you wonder if these people are looking at you with age-tinted glasses. Twice- oh excuse me, is that botox calling?

Is is a rainbow or is it just gmail

I was checking my email when it suddenly hit me: Gosh Gmail sure is colourful, isn't it?

Anyhoo, I've been tagged by Nad:

The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
need to mention the sex of the target.
Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
If tagged a 2nd time; no need to post.

Target: Eh I dunno

1. Filial
2. Makes me laugh
3. Must like my parents too
4. Gives mindblowing sex
5. Be a little anal (not more than me though)
6. Has the habit of putting the toilet roll faced out
7. Will iron own clothes
8. Gives absofuckinglutely mindblowing sex

Hahaha. Mind you, those are honest answers.

Cheesy cars

Welcome to the month of luurrrrvvveeee.

(That's February to all you single people)

Did I mention I am a fan of Mercedes Benz? I know it's a car commonly favoured by towkays but... I don't care. Anyhoo, towkays aside, Mercedes Benz UK has this very excellent site. We should all take a look.

Click image to visit site, silly.

How was everyone's Chinese New Year? Mine was no different from 2004's, 2000's, and 1983's. We visited relatives and we- I mean, I- collected money. My company was very generous this year, I got two ang pows. This means I'd have to work harder. :S Not that I don't normally work hard of course.

Oh let me tell you something about cheese. Two nights ago Mum was lamenting about that weird smell emanating from a recent packet of sliced cheese, and to her mild disgust, she discovered the cheese to be made in Vietnam, although its packet claimed its country of origin is New Zealand. (Mum explained those are two different things)

I didn't get the fuss about it being made in Vietnam, but Mum explained, "Vietnam cheese very smelly one, 'cause their cows eat beef."

Yes Mum has a sense of humour too. Where do you think my genes came from? My Dad?