they kena tricked lah

haha, dunno why they close their eyes also

we took this while editing the entrepreneurship video... somehow they closed their eyes... i can't fathom why. =) is that, like, normal?

peiwen's labour of love

my portfolio is finally completed. methinks, if i had spent a comparable amount of time and effort on previous projects, i would be on the honour roll ten times over by now.

i should learn to apply myself. lol.

space... or lack of

being a underworked, overpaid intern at tanjong pagar has turned me into the typical singaporean office worker -- one who squeezes onto the MRT every morning during peak hour, followed by being cocooned at her desk till lunch time, then an hour's lunch where we chit chat and be surrounded by kopi tiam smokers, then more work and sometimes OT, then it's peak hour transport again.

press play, rewind, play, rewind.

note to self: do not look for jobs at tanjong pagar or raffles place or city hall. best be a work-at-home employee.

the only highlight would be catching friendly friendly people from CNBC on the 6th floor... they smile and smile like nobody's business. haha.

i hate being on the train every morning. people don't understand the concept of space. when the train reaches a station, everyone gushes in and crowds you as much as possible. hello, is the train that packed in the first place? no need to stand so close right?

worst case scenario: guys who think they're good-looking always swagger in, thinking they look so bona fide cool in their shades and overpowering colonge. they then plaster themselves to you, thinking "i'm a stud anyways, check me out baby."

check out my ass instead, brudder.

if i had some tai tai-esque wealth, i say, give me a cab anyday!

i miss school. we all miss school. unless you've become some super intern doing campaign planning for that hotshot company you're posted to, chances are you're probably bored to death in that god-forsaken cubicle.

on my second day where i had absolutely no agenda i decided to email rajan (yes, during office hours) to say hi and ask some questions. rajan replied by lunchtime. he's not a busy lecturer, apparently. haha. i reckon the combination of nerve-wrecking boredom and school-sickness got the better of me, when rajan said he "misses us" i couldn't help but tear. i don't know. must have been that photo montage and dinner and everything during the past week. sigh.

photos have this effect on me. i look at secondary school shots and i just burst out laughing hilariously, or i look at baby photos and i smile to myself. funny, i look at poly pictures and i want to cry. isn't that weird?


the problem with journalists...

this article was posted in friday's Straits Times:

Talk on Cellphone? Many youths prefer to sms
Over half of 800 youths surveyed spend most of phone time on sms
By Billy Teo (nyeh nyeh)

WHEN it comes to the most preferred activity on mobile phones, SMS reigns as king, according to a recent survey of mobile phone habits conducted by Singapore Polytechnic students.

rest of article here:,5562,296739-1106344740,00.html (you need to log in though. don't worry, it's free.)

this is my own opinion here, but this article kinda irked me a bit. ok, to be more specific, it's just that line that went "...conducted by Singapore Polytechnic students".

not that it wasn't accurate. in fact, our writer billy teo gets even the spelling of my institution right, not that most people get it wrong.

the problem, and it's a big problem to me, is that billy isn't specific enough. in your opinion, do you think reporters/journalists should be as to-the-point as them can be? as if their careers depended on it?

i think the correct phrase to replace "Singapore Polytechnic students" should be "Singapore Polytechnic's 2nd year Media and Communication students".

too long? at least people are given due recognition. now readers think engineering folks did the handphone research. i mean, what else is SP known for besides engineering? oh, correction, what else is SP known for besides being taufik's alma mater?

maybe we all started out as something else, but inevitably, by the end of three years, we would all be somewhat proud of dmc (that's my course), isn't it? sure, it's nothing to rave about -- uncomparable to ngee ann's mass comm and perhaps not on par (or as snotty) as temasek's communication and media management but we do have our plus points, haha, at least, cutsix does. =))

so it hurts, for the want of a more appropriate word, when a prominent local medium writes such a callous piece about us. i could be overreacting here, tell me i'm overreacting please, but you have to stand in my shoes first, don't you?

my experience with this particular research project during my time was a bit like purgatory. ok, bad choice of word but you get the idea: all those cross-tabulations and trying to get some relationship between numbers where there were obviously none... staying up all night still trying to squeeze something out -- not something everyone can live through and only to have the project generalized as "survey... conducted by Singapore Polytechnic students."

whatever lah. i'm tired.

anyways, take a look at this volkswagen ad -- click here (needs quicktime). i had to watch it twice to fully grasp its meaning - suicide bombing. i like. very smart. go watch.

that's what friends are for


i wouldn't want to have it any other way.
good luck for everything guys! we're finally (almost) done!

repressed convent girls

we'll be starting internship next week! that means that technically, my poly life is over - all two and three quarts of it at least. no more studying til i decide to take up a degree course or something. gosh, am i gonna miss the mugging and regurgitating (i'm not being sarcastic).

i've been posted to vintedge for my three-month industrial attachment. according to my liaison officer (groan), they're a pretty small company; don't know if that's good or just ok. of course i'd hope it's the former. i was a little miffed about not being posted to somewhere "famous" like Saatchi & Saatchi, Bates, Leo Burnett or even Dentsu, but on hindsight, perhaps can peruse more stuff at more cosy companies. hey at least i'm honest here. but then again, those going to above-mentioned companies are -i shall not say anything lest i get into trouble with a certain crowd-.

anyhow, should go into today's topic - repressed convent girls. haha.

on power 98's drivetime show last week (i keep wanting to post this but then i was too busy), the deejays were discussing an incident that happened in one of our local convent. what happened was that this girl had her hair worn too short and was thus suspended for two weeks.

two weeks!

reckon that's a little over-the-board, isn't it?

listeners were allowed to text or call in, and there came this sms which went like "in my secondary school days, girls with too-short hair had to wear wigs!"

now doesn't that sound familiar? i'd bet half my life's savings that listener was from SAC! (my life savings ain't much, therefore i can bet)

ok, think about it. does hair have anything to do with your studying ability, or your brainpower? or even your intellect? unless you obsess too much with your hair, so much so that it absolutely deters you from having a proper life, we would all have already understood that a person's appearance is superficial, what's underneath is all that matters. i thought perhaps a convent school should emphasise that more than anything else, but this is an irony! you suspend students because they cheat during exams, or they make nuisances of themselves... not because their bloody hair is too short!!!

a new mission for the new year

one of my new year resolutions, this i have actually put into action. haha.

on 1st january 2005:

starbucks @ upper east coast road, taken because starbucks' patron shifted to gelare in the middle of dessert and left his cup there.

then yesterday, 14 january 2005:

spinelli @ the heeren, taken because m & m wanted to go catch the singapore idol at orchard mrt and they were running late. hahaha.

what's next? ;)

do people learn from other people's mistakes?

we've had a whole string of presentations for NCT tutorials this week, pretty interesting -- if i were to be nice and bland about it. i mean, the topics are cool, we've got holograms, instant messaging, bluetooth, digital music, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology... any kind of up-and-coming technology, you name it, we've done it.

for some reason i hate listening to presentations. it's a pet peeve thing (another one to add to the list). my main reason (for hating to be an audience of a presentation) is that my class hasn't really got a strong presenter everyone likes to listen to, myself included.

every presentation we have had to make or to listen to, i've always tuned out for the most part. i know this isn't fair to my classmates, but i don't expect them to listen to me either. the saying goes "do unto others what you would have others do unto you" and i live by it strictly. i think it's the only thing i can be religious about.

perhaps i should provide a reason.

my classmates make a lot of funny idiosyncracies, for one thing. we've got people who keep repeating "i mean", "in the sense that", "like, urm, like", "you know", etc. etc. etc. it is kinda grating on your nerves because then you start to notice more of those overused words rather than the presentation content itself.

and another thing, unprofessionalism ticks me off more than anything else,

like not knowing answers to questions and being very obvious about it a la sticking your tongue out,
or putting a checkered tie with a striped shirt (hello, obviously they clash right?),
leaving buttons open when they need to be closed,
wearing ill-fitting clothes,
sending secret messages to group members like "oei! you forgot to mention blah blah blah!!!",
looking at the ceiling and not the audience,
not knowing how to pronounce a word or a name and being very conspicuous about it,

i could go on forever.

you know what's the worse that could happen? that i make one of these mistakes during my own presentation tomorrow. lol.

if only men were so approachable offline

imagine getting a letter of this sort in your school mail. school email, mind you. not some hotmail shit.


Nice to meet you. My name is Gavin Teng and I hope to become friends with you. You can see my profile and photo (and give me a rating) at Please cut and paste the link if you are using hotmail.

Many of your classmates have already signed up. If you rate through the photographs, you will see their profiles and photos on the site. You can also see how attractive our users find your classmates. Come check it out and see if you agree with the ratings our users have given your classmates.

You can also click on their friends links and see their network of friends. If you see anyone you are interested in, you can ask your friend for an introduction or contact that user directly. This service is a great work for us to expand our social network and meet more new people and friends.

If you are curious to see if other people find you attractive, upload a photo to find out. Why not, there is no charge for this service at all!

Cheers, Gavin

do any of you guys get this sort of things in friendster too? and you know what, some of those guys are pretty dishy. haha. don't you just feel curious enough to answer to one of them? (don't worry, i'm not that desperate yet) ;)


i sprained my wrist today, had a fall when dad was mopping the floor. i had just stepped into the study when i felt my ankle gave way, the next thought was uh-oh, this is gonna be bad before i crashed landed on my left hip and wrist.

i seem to be falling a lot recently. the most embarrassing thing of my life happened on friday at orchard, at the junction outside heeren, which just happened to be the kids' part of orchard. =S

i tripped on a slab and fell whilst rushing for the red light. i'm not one who'd risk my life for traffic lights or buses that sort of stuff, but me and jo were on full bladders so waiting was not an option. sigh. that was my right hip. i wonder what's next. hope it's nothing embarrassing.

but on second thought, nothing will embarrass me more than tripping and falling on orchard road. thank god i didn't see anyone i know. (though i did say hi to mabel from 02 after i crossed the road and was nursing my sore hip.)

i'm on the mainstream now -- i'm a blogger

my first post. pretty weird using blogger now. i'm switching because blogger allows comments without me having to sign up some external account like haloscan (which can get pretty unpredictable).

anyways, everyone should have an obligatory "first post of the year" kinda thang. so here's mine. =)

what's been up? school, nct (which comes under school), and nothing much. oh, and work, which will come to an end sometime next week. this brings me to "what work does to you".

i think it jades you, somewhat. you might not agree, but try being in f & b, or perhaps customer service, well, any position that allows you to get interactive with people from all walks of life - kids, homosexuals, china people, beggars, tourists who outsmart you, rich old bachelors, trainees who irritate the hell out of you, supervisors who come with their gay partners, nouveau riche north indians who are actually poor, the list goes on!

people i especially hate: north indians.

sorry if i sound too racist here. everyone is racist to a certain extent, i am racist in a reasonable manner, that is, i won't say i hate a particular group unless i've seen that particular incident repeated by many different groups from that same race. i think that is enough justification, no?

anyways, north indians think they're so filthy rich, and you know how some rich people think they're above the law and everything else, which irritates me a hell lot. they treat you with much disrespect - whoever said that people in customer service have to be treated like dogs (sorry fangying ;))? plus, they talk too loud, they sit indoors and refuse to leave after you've closed and switched off the air conditioner. everything about them irks me.

of course i do realize that not everyone is like that. some north indians are pretty nice. my racism only kicks in when they get on my nerves. so it's fair-racism. =)

till next time.