is he being gentlemanly or am i being feminist?

today's an untypically unproductive day. it's 4.42pm as i type this and i'm still roaming the blogosphere. not like i have nought to do, in fact, my work was due yesterday, i just got no motivation baby.

sigh. this is not the way to be, kids.

once, way back, when i could afford to leave the office before the witching hour, i bumped into cheryl and wilfred waiting for cheryl's dad to pick her up.

hold on, i'm not trying to putport anything by that, don't get ahead of yourself, my story isn't half over. cheryl and wilfred are coursemates who happened to be posted to the same company for their internship, so that makes them colleagues or friends now. funny how we've become familiar with people we never would have thought to strike a conversation with when we were in school.

cheryl called out to me, just to say hi. like i mentioned above - funny how internship makes you become more affable. i'm not one to ignore a little hi from people i know, unless of course, it came from soohiong (it's not because he's fat).

so conversation between me and cheryl revealed that she was, like divulged above, waiting for her dad, and wilfred was just waiting with her while she waited for her dad.

"wah! so nice ah!" i thought.

but can't cheryl wait for her dad on her own?

assuming cheryl had not asked wilfred to wait with her, and that wilfred had, on his own accord, offered to accompany cheryl, well then what made wilfred act that way?

does wilfred think cheryl is unable to wait for her dad alone?

is wilfred being chauvinist?

i'm not a feminist, in fact, i still subscribe to some traditionally sexist notions like having my door held open and not going dutch on a first date, that kinda thang, y'know?

somehow wilfred's gesture, however kind it was, prompted this slight discord. ok, so i have a problem when guys offer to send me home, or buy me meals or accompany me while my bus comes, et cetera, i knew a guy once who did all that and it made me felt like time had reversed and i'd become this helpless child. sure, it's nice to have company on the train, and i save money if he pays for dinner and all, but sometimes i just want to be alone and i think when there's money, some of it is meant to be spent...?

my logic is warped. ok. tell me something new.

more free things

ever since straits times started charging, did you ever notice how other local news providers have changed their advertising tactics?

suddenly everyone is harping on themselves being free, unlike straits times. of course they don't actually mention the newspaper itself, but you get the idea.

i think it's a low and cheap (pardon the pun) tactic. it's so typical to highlight the very thingyour competitors are getting the audience pissed about, it's sad.

why should news providers be about who's giving it free or who's making you pay? i think they should concentrate on who's getting the news out there faster, who's giving more objective viewpoints, who's publishing more extensive coverage, who's reporters are more dedicated...

not who's giving their news for free!!! it is irritating the hell out of me, partly because i read every source singapore has managed to put out and now i see all these "free!" ads over the shop. it makes me feel like i'm reading the newpaper instead.

anyhow, i found something free and cool on technorati. rejoice! it's 300 free must-have fonts for designers. share hah!

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The discount carrot was dangled

i had, for the longest time, considered switching telcos. not that my current plan isn't any good or that i wasn't happy in any way with singtel's service. i just thought starhub offered a more value-for money plan. hey, more (talktime) for less (money), who don't want?

my hesitation, for the longest time, was that one had to fork out $5 for starhub's monthly callerID subscription, which i think is a complete waste of money. $5, on its own, isn't a hell lot. $5, on its own, can be considered small change at times. i just think that i, as a consumer, shouldn't be paying for callerID at all. i think it should come free! which just summed up why i had stuck with singtel for so long.

anyway, i was on the verge of changing after april's subscription, when i got my bill yesterday. guess what? singtel has decided to grant me loyalty discounts, which reduces my monthly bill to a cool $26 (if i keep within my limits)!

so i'll be sticking to singtel... for now. haha, pardon my cheapo-ness.

p.s. i have about 40 gmail invites. do contact me if you want them. i'm looking to close down this gmail account so do not want the invites to go to waste. :)

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Don't say i never take part!


other sexy bloggers

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I'm too sexy for my blog too

if you hadn't already noticed the local blogger phenomenon, it's made public by our very own mrbrown. haha.

who would've thunk it?

nostalgia strikes when you least expect it

i caught a link to a dmc first year's blog from nad's blog. man, what a trip down memory lane. year one leh! when was the last time i was in year one?

seems like a long time ago now, things like this never fail to remind me how much i'm gonna miss school (sobs!). all good things have to come to an end unfortunately, and of course i would hope for things to end with a big bang. for starters, lowering the price of our grad ball would help, or changing the theme, or making it a dmc-only event, or making it cheaper, or changing it to suit the average student's pocket, or decreasing the ticket charge, or making it more affordable, or getting more sponsors, or- well, there're only so many ways to say "eh y so expensive?"

back in 2000 when i was still in sec 3, i had wondered for the longest time where i would be four years later, that would be 2004. then 2004 came and went and it became another time to wonder, again, where i'm gonna land in four years.

so come read this blog in 2008 and we'll see.

one small step TODAY, one giant leap for readers

have you all seen today's TODAY? or more specifically, the frontpage?

notice anything?

not advertisements leh!

it is a proper frontpage! with real stories! advert only half page (considered minute by TODAY's standards)!

phwah, times are changing~

random thoughts

i felt like my modesty's been outraged when the cleaning lady who clears my office simply bent over beside my legs and reached in for the dustbin under my table. her head was nearly in my lap and the dustbin brushed against my shin and knee when she lifted it up.

the whole gesture was so unanticipated and intrusive that i felt like she had reached to grope me instead.

it was rude (of her). rude, and presumptuous of her to think that it was proper to grab something so within my vicinity without seeking my ok first.

it was a shock at first - i have been there for seven weeks and this is the first time it has happened. but shock turned to displeasure after i had noticed that she didn't do it to my colleagues.

there is no justification for her behaviour. is there?

the one where everything is falling apart

first blogger's comments didn't work and drove everyone crazy, now blogroll isn't displaying links. what's next?

(well, i spoke too soon. immediately after i typed that, power98 says they're gonna playing A1's like a rose. there is no god.)

i'm pissed that everything isn't working. a year ago, such technological failures never bothered me one bit, they could fail for days and i wouldn't even let loose a "nabeh!" now it's different, i wasn't victim of blogger's commenting tragedy, but my blogroll fails for five minutes and i feel like tearing to pieces, nevermind the impossibility of that action.


anyway, let me provide some updates, because i also want to seek your (yes you, esteemed reader) advice.

an excerp i posted on a group blog last week:

don't know whether this is good news or not, because when i received the news i wasn't particularly excited.

i got accepted into Edith Cowan Uni (in perth), and conditional acceptance in Uni of Melbourne (in melbourne, duh). so many things to do: visa, health cover, flight details, accommodation... i guess i wasn't really prepared to get accepted. i think i'm still quite fickle over this. i don't know if it's worth the money to go all the way to Australia just to get a degree, it is afterall about 3 times the cost of a local comm studies degree.

fyi, conditional acceptance means they want to see my final results first before accepting me.


actually i would prefer going to a local uni... but ntu's strength is not comm studies, and smu doesn't have such a programme.

all these talk about further education is started to make me lose my hair. think i shall stop obssessing.

ok i'm not nearly obsessing but it is important to me. i can't help it if i keep thinking about it.

so here's the update:
yesterday i got another conditional acceptance, to Murdoch this time. i'm not going to hide the fact that murdoch is the university i most want to go, despite having already coughed up the S$130.47 application fee for Uni of Melbourne.

here's the thing: Melbourne provides a good program, so does Murdoch. both have strength in different areas: Melbourne for theory and good foundation if you want Masters, Murdoch for practical training.

i know people are just gonna tell me to go for what i want. hell, if i knew what i wanted i wouldn't be doing this right now. so i need your (yes you, esteemed reader) opinion!


your opinions will not matter

quick poll, ok?

1. whose logo looks like it's designed in the 1800s?
2. whose name gave you this reaction: that's the best you've got?
3. whose logo doesn't make sense?

more to come later. well, maybe.

anyway, an update: finally has a name:

Romanticizing Years Ago. sorry to all those who thought blogdrone was a name. do expect a new layout.

i took it from part of john mayer's lyrics. did i mention i'm a fan? yeah i'm a john mayer fan. i remember when ping first took us for - if memory served me right - MNIT, our first ever tutorial was us sitting in a circle (a common occurrence in ping's tutorials) and introducing ourselves. well i said "i'm pei wen and i'm a john mayer fan cos i think he's sexy."

to which ping exclaimed "john mayer!"

yeah! john mayer! hahaha

the good ole days

class 95 has got to be one of singapore's best radio stations.

i used to not appreciate glenn and rod's lewd jokes but now i think they're damn hilarious.

well, today's drivetime show with jean danker was about giving tribute to memories. coincidentally, a lot of listeners thought it was time to remember their past teachers in secondary schools, juniour colleges, universities, etc.

sure brought back memories!

remember mrs manu the shortest geography teacher alive? or the lit teacher who had an identical twin and whose favourite word was "ok"? how about ms tok? and the french teacher? our ex form-teacher the dragon lady mdm chan? the never-been-shaved ms khoo (whose sister is teaching at SP btw)? mr 24-inch-waist tan tze siong?

i could name a lot more but i think it's gonna make me cry instead.

i vividly remembered skipping class in secondary 3 to catch the sydney 2000's diving finals (finals leh!) and getting horribly lectured by ms wee for that. yes i deserved that but i didn't think so at that time. haha. ms wee always irritated me during biology, she would always remain standing at the OHP while we were copying her answers and it just so happened that she was always blocking my view of the screen. you'd think she would have gotten a small hint after a while but nooooo... she remained as thick as ever.

eh this post is getting very cliched. shall stop.

work was bad today. i worked on my client's copy for an entire day yesterday (network security not very easy to digest, plus, it's BORING) only to have him reply this morning with a "i hate it! it's too contrived! who uses words like 'ad infinitum' and 'modus operandi' on a daily basis?"

my dear retard, i mean client, of course nobody uses those words. but remember when i asked you what you wanted to sound like on your website and all you replied was "of course i wanna sound like i'm the best."
hellooooooo?!?!? do you think? who doesn't want to sound like they're the best?!?! you are an internet security company and you want to sound light-hearted and humourous?!? i think it was at that precise point i gave up on asking you constructive questions.

i told you he's a retard. let him have his ugly website (it IS ugly, my designer doesn't have the heart to tell him his ideas are mfugly) and oh-so-totally-gay copy. he's such an asian-pretending-to-be-chao-ang-moh i just feel like mashing his face into his laptop everytime i see him.

i'm not getting pissy just because he doesn't like what i've wrote. but he keeps proposing ideas he can't really put into words very well, so he tries to cover his inadequacy and our growing frustration with countless "i know i'm a difficult client." i know he's difficult but i wish he would stop repeating that ad infinitum. contribute something invaluable for god's sake. just because you're paying us exhorbitant amounts doesn't grant you the right to be, in your own words, difficult.

what a retard. and i had to do OT for you somemore.

Beautiful side of somewhere

may 24th!

may 24th!

may 24th!

i can't wait.

rebel, sweetheart. here i come! look out for their new single on the radio mid-march!

more advertisements

i believe TODAY hasn't had a proper front page - with actual content and not ads masquerading as news - since.... well, 1983.

it's gotten to the point that they just look blase instead of "hey that's new". you think? now it's more like "so what's new?"

what's new?

i wish Gillette could do the same to TODAY

sorry for all the TODAY-bashing, but i think mediacorp should just stick to what they do best: produce sitcoms like phua chu kang. (of course "what they do best" doesn't mean they do it well, for PCK is hardly funny. oh, hardly? try never.)

ironically, i am a mediacorp supporter, if you put mediaworks into the picture. but now mediaworks is gone, so... heh.

i don't understand why our local broadcaster is still stubbornly trying to produce local content when the expenditure could be used to gain foreign programmes (like Desperate Housewives) which are - face the facts - more well-received and anticipated. the best programme to come out of our tiny island, imo, has to be Growing Up, and even their best episodes were before Wee Soon Hui's character had her demise.

anyway, speaking of PCK, have you see his larger-than-life self walking about?

i am pck! hear me roar!

i spotted him at tanjong pagar and dhoby ghaut trying to lure kids. never mind the lack of kids at those places but it is cute anyway. haha.

new on blogdrone: peiwen's Word(s) of the Day!

come to me for au fait, unquestionable definitions! it's free (unlike Straits Times)!

relentless is the flyer-distributer who never fails to try to hand me a flyer every mornng i pass her. how can she forget that i will always refuse her? i am, afterall, the only passer-by who will smile and tell her "no thanks" as opposed to people who simply ignore her presence.

today being my debut, i shall give you TWO words. you're lucky! and it's also free (unlike Straits Times)!

luck is seeing the cute guy, neh the one that made me went in circles, twice today, before and after lunch.

hmmm, ok, as a special introductory offer:

serendipity is discovering his office is only four doors away from mine...

disagreements, etc.

at the mrt station this morning i was greeted by the sight of a couple quarreling. ok, they were partially hidden from general view by a pillar but i could see them anyway.

this is the second fight (i've seen) since internship started, the first being a true scratch-and-slap between two ladies over some seating arrangement on the mrt. good god, what an embarrassment to us females.

anyway, back to the couple -- the girl was crying. not a surprising sight in love quarrels but it does somewhat pushes majority of the blame onto the guy, doesn't it? women just tear and people will think it's the guy's fault. men are suckers, i think.

i thought whoever picked the fight (will not let me being a female or the sight of the crying girlfriend bias my opinion here) has gotta be too selfish for his or her own good. i mean, i know you have disagreements you think should not be left unsettled, but so early in the day? why spoil the mood for your partner? you loved him or her once, and at one time you were willing to sacrifice some things for each other's sake, why throw all of that away just for one argument that might make you feel stupid thereafter? and why in public for christ's sake?

i know some people reading might go "oh what a greenhorn", "how naive!", "obviously haven't been there done that", "love is different, complicated" etc. etc.

but the question in question here isn't about love. it's about courtesy. surely you can tahan till you get home to fight right? you're embarrassing yourselves and being a public nuisance at the same time, how could anyone want to humiliate themselves like this? tsk.

but then again, what's said, or typed in this case, often differs much from reality. i could be fighting on the streets of Orchard Road tomorrow, who knows?