Between love & hate

One of the housemates is doing an early termination on her lease and moving out in two weeks. On one hand, I want to jump for joy because that's mean one less messy person to tahan, but on the other hand, she's someone who was really nice to get to know. Strangely I think the anal side in me will bulldoze every other feeling out of the way when push comes to shove. So what else is new? ;)

I, on the other hand, am looking to move out. We're gonna look for a proper townhouse with an address that goes "5 Shakespeare Avenue, WA 6066" instead of "Unit 29 Room 4 Edith Cowan University Student Village blah blah blah". God I hate that address.

It's that time of the year again. Exams, and enrolling for the next semester. Someone please tell me I'm crazy for choosing to take three Psychology modules next semester. As if two wasn't already heavy enough. As if I'm not already blasé with all the Mount Lawley-Joondalup commuting - which is about 45 min one way - for the past two semesters. As if. As if. As if.

I think it's got to do with my working pace this semester. Actually finishing essays days before their due dates and never having to do any rush jobs. Hey, wouldn't that make me a good student? Not like I wasn't any good before. :P

I read somewhere a couple days ago about the phrase "We don't live in a frat house" and it suddenly struck. I (pause, tis dramatic moment) live in a frat house. With girls who never clean up after themselves and who fail to notice the cleaning roster pinned unmistakably on our uncluttered notice board. Thank god one of 'em is moving out.

Buying physical real estate online

You gotta love what those people do on The Continent. No offense but the US just uses sex, sex, and more sex, oh, and sex (sometimes they use peace and hope), but the Brits always always manage to make me go, "Now that's something."

Chimney Pot Park

Here's a little flash thing for Chimney Pot Park, a residential area in Manchester that's being promoted now. There's a bit too much loaders on the site but it's fun to navigate. I love looking at such things, even in offline media, so I kinda like this site. ;P Am I gushing? I'll shut up now. Here's the link.

Four things

I got tagged by Boss, so here goes:

Four jobs I've had:
Intern, Vintedge
Assistant to freelance designer
Tuition teacher
Cashier/Waitress, Gelare

Four movies I could watch over and over:
I Am Sam
Love Actually
Someone Like You

Four places I've lived:
Bedok Nth Rd
and nowhere else
(Note: current living place does not count because, if you hadn't already noticed, question's in past tense. ;))

Four TV shows I love:
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives (Don't snigger)
Rove Live

Four places I've vacationed:

Four of my favourite dishes:
Hainanese chicken rice
Prawn noodles
Fish porridge
Mum's bean sprouts

Four sites I visit daily:
Yahoo! Mail
Romanticizing years ago
Ads of the world

Four places I'd rather be right now:
In Psy class (I like that class!)
Home in Singapore
In bed
Actually, anywhere besides my pigsty- sorry, house, right now

Four people I'm tagging:
I don't know if you guys have already done this, but I'm passing the baton to Stef, Cellmate, and anyone else. :)