Had the first of my finals today. Was alright, I think, but that's not the point. See, I'm not usually one to believe in signs, but today just might be the day to start.

I was turning out on to the main road when, I reckon, I rather abruptly cut the path of a bike messenger. How did I know? Because all of a sudden there was aforementioned bike messenger in my rear-view mirror and he was yelling "Fuck you! Fuck you!!" and flipping me the finger at the same time.

Bike messengers should understand that they don't own the road and they're, quite honestly, a huge hazard to everyone around them. (OK, So I didn't see him coming until he was spewing vulgarities at my back but hey, it's not like I knocked into him!)

So barnyard messengers aside, I also managed to land myself into the wrong exam classroom (but sitting the same paper nonetheless) AND forget my student ID card AND forget lunch, which made my stomach growl too embarrassingly! Do you see how smooth things are going? I sure hope these signs mean I'm gonna do extremely well.

All smiles

Hi, I'm not totally sure if anyone is still reading this, because no readers = no purpose in blogging. But last night I checked my statcounter and was reassured, so all you people from far-flung countries like China and Switzerland, welcome! I also have a reader from Queenstown in Singapore. Haha, your ISP gives away too much information dude.

Let's not digress. Next week is my last week at work! I've said this countless times and I'll say it again, time flies! This has been my longest job evar. Well who knows how long I'll stay in my first proper job. I think, out of all the nitty gritties, I'm definitely gonna miss the regulars most. There's something about getting the hang of each customer's idiosyncrasies, right down to knowing everyone's orders. I think it's cute.

There are two lady customers we get - unrelated - whom I think are, for the lack of an appropriate word, well, weird. Maybe aloof, but without the negative connotation. Thing is, they just don't smile, ever. They come in around the same time about 3 - 4 times weekly and get the same item every time. You'd think after frequenting a shop for a year, you could consider yourself to be on pretty friendly terms with people who work at the shop. Smiles are good, aren't they? And what's it gonna hurt? Plus it really makes me feel bloody retarded when I get all convivial (and you know I'm not usually like that) and I greet you with the loveliest acknowledgments and you don't respond in kind! Make that you just don't respond at all and I feel so darn stupid!

It's like ignoring someone's offer of a handshake or hug. Plain embarrassing. If I see them on my last day, I'm so gonna tell them "If you smile... I might just give you a discount."

Hi Sydney


Can hardly wait. :)

(Yes SY, I'll try to find the chocolate shop SP requested.)