Exit stage right

As a parting word of wisdom: Apparently, a woman is like a tea bag, you only know how strong she is when you put her in hot water.


Today is Deepavali across the globe. India seemed to have already launched full scale celebrations yesterday seeing as all my emails have been ignored by our India office. I'm so totally taking back my "Happy Diwali" greeting.

My sister's boss is having a meeting today. A meeting on a public holiday. What ever happened to respecting your employees? It's not like it's an event like a public roadshow, neither is it a hospital - the sick don't take a raincheck on public holidays, IT'S A NORMAL COMPANY LIKE ALL THE COMPANIES IN SINGAPORE. Granted, I don't know all the details but what could really be a good reason for scheduling your meeting on a public holiday? You're just being an asshole.

Dear Sir

You work at Sumitomo Mutsui Banking Corporation. You take the train every morning at 8.20am. You don gold rimmed glasses, wear a tie, you carry a knapsack. Last friday, you wore a white oxford shirt with brown chinos.

Please tell me why, on that very day on 2nd Nov, you were digging your nose in full view of public (read: me) for a good two minutes. Your behaviour was appalling. You knew I was looking at you, yet you flagrantly avoided my unwavering scrutiny, and proceeded to continue your revolting nose grooming in the aforementioned public sphere.

Also, you wiped your snot on your pressed khakis...?!?!? Now that's just vulgar.

I can't continue this post anymore. It makes me want to hurl.

P.S. School holidays are here. The brats are unleashed. Sigh.