Honey, it's not you, it's me, but...

One for the timeline

I just got back from four days in Western Australia and a really quick stopover in Perth for my convocation. Now I really have no excuse to go on studying unless A) I win the lottery, B) Company-sponsored self-development, or C) I have too much $$.

Initial thoughts and observations: I started out pretty keen on this trip. Reasons being my great love for all things Perth- except the food, and I thought it would be great to see the Uni friends again. But I reckon the past two months home really made their impact upon me. Truth be told, Singapore is home, although you'll never find me proclaiming my love for the motherland from pedestals (because there is no love, just heaps of frustration). No matter how much I have grown to love Perth in my short two years there, I'm pretty glad to be back in Singapore.

Convocation was a total bore btw. I found myself nodding off at least three times, which was a total embarrassment because there we were, sitting with our mortarboards atop our heads and nodding off would have been so obvious. And I'm not even going to mention the smelly regalia. Jesus.

I had a fun time with Mum and Dad, going down into WA's southern coasts and forests. Dad doesn't believe in the whole shopping shebang during holidays, which is excellent unless we are going to Hong Kong. Anyways, it was really a good bit of r&r before I dive into the new job. If you have facebook, pictures are there. :)

Coming out

I really can't afford to spend more time than I already am on facebook. Seriously, it is taking up a huge percentage of my Internet hours.

Friendster is just too embarrassing for me. I am way too cool for Friendster and if I log in, my profile will then say something akin to "Last login: 1 hour", proclaiming to the entire Friendster community I am some sort of desperate nutcase obstinately stuck on the Friendster bandwagon, which is quite clearly passe, if I do say so myself. :P

So facebook doesn't have that problem because I can hide my online status, spend 25 hours a day on that blasted website and no one will consciously know anything. Not that I am spending that much time on facebook, as I'm sure you'll know I'm just being metaphorical.

Anyways, no, this isn't another plug like my last entry was. Though facebook really is quite cool to use, not much help in the gossip columns, but good enough for me nonetheless!

Life-wise, allow me to give you a status update:

Come this friday I will gratefully cease to be a PR whore. On hindsight, I never should have accepted 141's offer no matter how attractive the account seemed to me. So now I just feel like I've wasted everyone's time, including my own. Nobody deserves to have someone join the company, only to leave in two months, citing disinterest as an excuse. I'm bashing myself up here, simply because the 141 PR team is too genuinely charming to have my selfish interests thrown on them. Nonetheless, self-imposed guilt trip aside, I'm going to be starting in a more suitable position end September so that pretty much cancels out 90% of my guilt (Also, the pay is better :D). Wish me luck!

(To SY: good luck! Please be extra vigilant in your new appointment! You know what I mean eh.)


Doing my PR bit for this new mag by the creators of Lexean. All I know about Lexean is that it's a bi-monthly that was released during the time I was away and thus not keeping tabs on local media. Anyways! Project Smitten looks fantastic. When FiRST (the movie monthly) was released, it just totally sucked - glaring spelling mistakes all over. Nice job Royston Loh. And I'll have you know I do read FiRST regularly, but would never fork out moolah for a copy every month. FiRST is not worth it.

Oh but Project Smitten is! Of course there exists a bias there simply because Project Smitten is about SHOPPING, undeniably a favourite activity of the normal female. This is a magazine with no fluffy gossip, no features about how to have vaginal-shattering orgasms, just good ole SHOPPING. I have to say its timely release comes in the wake of my full-blown withdrawal symptoms from SHOP Til You Drop, my number one Aussie shopping rag and Project Smitten has me so... err, smitten, that I am considering jumping off the CLEO mothership, with only my seven year allegiance to CLEO standing in my path. Anyways. Time will tell. Watch this space!

In the meantime, go get yourself a copy of Project Smitten! Out at all newsstands, even the bad ones, for only $5. :)

People search

Where is everyone now? I didn't manage to grab every 4sixer's photo then, but looking back sure is amusing!