Another one to the collection

Remember this? This happened at the beginning of this year, and now, a very nice way to round up my 2005,

A nice black Starbucks coffee cup in my possession. :) What can I say? It came with my short vanilla latte.


Anyhow, I was at Heeren this morning before I committed the abovementioned misdemeanor, and this short-ish guy I assumed to be in his late 20s approached me. According to him, he had followed me all the way to the ground floor after I'd exited x:odus and when I got distracted by the window displays at City Chain, he came up.

"Hello, shopping?"
"Yeah." Salesman ah? Walau.
"Are you Singaporean?"
"Yeah... Yeah."
"Do you always shop alone?"
"Don't be a lone ranger... "
"Ah hahahha. Yeah, ok."
"Are you a student?"
"Yeah. On holiday."
"In Uni?"

Our entire conversation revealed me as a student two weeks into her school vacation and him to be a Kuala Lumpurian in Singapore on holiday over Christmas and the new year.

"Why Singapore?" I questioned.

Our guy goes into a mini chalk talk about rising fuel prices and budget constraints (like, whatever) and when I commented upon the similarity of KL and Singapore, he replied, "Yeah but you don't see all those people in ninja turtle costumes when you walk down Orchard Road." Oh dear. He went on to talk about his friends still sleeping from a party the previous night and how "cute" it is that Singapore has free newspapers.

I'm just glad he didn't follow me home.

This year in a nutshell

With regards to my previous post (y'know, the one with all that eating), I only have one thing to add: today it was nasi lemak. :P

It's christmas eve! Haha, but seems like a normal Saturday at home, albeit I do feel a bit different. Here's a song for you guys anyhow, something cute and maybe, will help put a bit more oomph into Christmas. So, here you go, it's New York is a Chrismtas Kinda Town by Marah. :)

Next week will end 2005 as we know it. I can hardly wait. Is it just me or has 2005 seem like a tremendously long year? I can hardly recall the (funny) things that happened pre-April - like internship, NCT (oh my bloody god), doing that Cheng Ho shite for Pico - only to have these memories rush back when I read our group blog, which will turn one on Jan 10! Congrats to us! Lol. Time flies.

Some things have changed which I'm happy for, like my mother finally opening her eyes to the fact that her youngest daughter can be left on her own and will still survive to tell many embarrassing tales, resulting in a happier state of relationship. :) Oh god, am I being mushy? (I just want to say I love my parents...)

A week after I got back Dad told me, "Your ticket for your last semester will be one-way only ah. I don't know if you want to come back or not, or maybe you want to go somewhere else."

Look, I don't want to be reading too much into things but is he saying something? I'm almost too scared to find out.

Whereas, Mum just commented "Why you never buy apple strudel back?" Jesus.

And another one from IDP, a middlemen of some sort for prospective students of Australian unis. This one I particularly liked. :)

Season's greetings from my uni. Tres cute.


On the pretext of "being on leave and having nothing to do", the famous words of my father, he took me on this whirlwind pilgrimage of gastronomy and wanderlust proportions .

Pulau Ubin, Chinatown, fishhead curry, char kway teow, some dried noodle, carrot cake, png kway, you name it, I ate it. Nevermind my numerous cries of "but I don't miss these foods!" I reckon it was Dad who wanted to enjoy a rare holiday, thus using me as an excuse. Smart, eh.

On life, part 4

This fella said Oei blog leh so I have to listen to her. Thus this entry. All hail the power of cellmate, eh.

Mum decided on Thursday morning that I need a couple more towels for Perth next semester. So we went all the way to Daiso - not for towels - but managed to bump into towels there and Mum asked, "Will these do?"

"I think so. They look big enough."

To make certain, I held up one of the towels against my mid-upper arm and did a quick glance to see where the towel fell to. It reached mid-thigh.

"So we'll take two?"

As I handed the towels back to my mother, I noticed the beng-ish salesman stifling a giggle. Y'know, the type that sometimes leads to barfing.

Like, WTF?

Mum asked if the towels were right and I just wanted to check! What is so hilarious about that? Sekali the towels too short how? Then I have to bring my clothes to the bathroom and dress there leh! Very troublesome you know! Some people ah... really terrible one.

And now, a word from Google Earth

I discovered a very pleasant surprise my Dad has, of his own accord, installed on our family computer during the time I was away: Google Earth! Very nice to know that Dad is quite on the fringe of technological happenings. I mean, this fuddy duddy downloads stuff and decides to keep it on his PC after mucking around with it. I have such a cool Dad. And no, no sarcasm there.

So here're some interesting pictures for you curious (ahemkpoahem) types.

City of Perth. Those two spots are my uni and the city, city's the one below, near to the river. That distance is about a 10 minute drive or a 15-20 minute bus ride.

Here we are at my uni. And if you zoom into the upper right...

You get where I live. That little red "29".

Ok that's it. :)

Being home but missing the Most Isolated City in the World

Home is Singapore, the Most Isolated City is Perth, in case you need an explanation to today's title.

This author arrived home on Thursday night. Singapore weather is still very humid. I'm trying to get used to reverse culture shock, in Perth, surrounding crowds talk in Australian-accented english but in Singapore, surrounding crowds do hokkien. Sounds a bit frightful on the ears, if I do say so myself.

Yes I'm going to be home for Christmas and the New Year after all. Carnarvon is one helluva boring place, and that's taught me to not take boredom for granted. Trust me, you don't want to waste an entire day in a place 904km north of Perth and so deserted you could dance to Kylie Minogue in your birthday suit without anyone noticing. Liberating thought, nonetheless. I spent eight days there, so imagine Kylie on loop for 192 hours.

Some pictures taken with my trusty Sony Ericsson T630:

(More here)

Oh, and in case you think one would be able to find a McDonald's anywhere in the world, HA, Carnarvon has none.

It feels weird to be home and trying to get used to stuff I haven't done or things I haven't seen in nearly five months. Like living with my parents and... stuff. I am already missing the independence Perth provides, and the weather, of course. :) Are you sure death isn't possible from humidity?