Moving on

WA gets daylight savings this Sunday, which means Perth and home will get an hour's time difference till summer passes.

I think I'm the only one who thinks daylight savings is mighty interesting. I can't wait till I can complain about having to adjust to still having light at 8pm.

Anyhow, some... updates for the people who care about me: I have my new apartment to myself! Being scared of the dark is not an option now because there is no one to talk to (physically). It's a five bedroom place, I think at home you call it a condo, with other Singaporean students, just a stone's throw, literally, from the city.

I drove to work the other day from the apartment and realised it is a mere 2.7km. Much too short to drive. Short is good. It means I get to take the free shuttle from my place into the city, then cheat by not having to pay train fare because the distance is so short anyway. Free transport to work! Life is good. :-)

Imagine cutting your fingernails, only to discover, following nine fingers, 10 toes, and 30 minutes after you thought you were done with trimming... you have left out the index finger on your left hand.

How cute am I?

What is blogging for if not to post utterly embarrassingly stories?

Undies... undies... undies...

A couple of humourous ads I found wandering on Perth's TV waves:

*Trivial trivia: In the Australian version of this ad, "togs" is replaced with "bathers".

Regular blogging will resume soon, I think.


Pisa Italy
Leaning tower of Pisa, Rainbow-coloured Pisa lolly

Check out Souvenirs, an ongoing project by Michael Hughes. (via)

"How bizarre... how bizarre..."

Let's put the non sequitur before the entry shall we. Check this out.


I called the landlord of a house to express interest in one of the rooms she had put up for rent. Somewhere along our conversation of room details, rental rates, and address information, she popped the question,

"Are you Canadian?"


Either she has a really warped view of Canadians or she's just lost her head. There is no. way. on. Earth. that I sound anything remotely Canadian. The only accent I have is the Singaporean accent (which, in fact, is very hard to pinpoint). I don't have the tendency of putting on fake ang moh accents when talking to Aussies because that's just stupid. So I have no idea why that landlord asked that.

Anyhow I rejected her offer. No loss of mine, I reckon!

Road confidence

You know what happens when you take the same route to work everyday? Sooner or later you just stop noticing things. There is this confidence in the familiar. What happens when you get too confident? Well, you make stupid mistakes. Mistakes like over-judging the space in the parking lot.

Yeah this is just like the last time.

Sof's boyfriend wrote, in the card CJ sent, don't bump other people's cars! And well I guess I don't do too well with advice, do I?

I was trying to squeeze in between this passenger van and SUV and I kinda knew space was a little tight between me and the van. But I park there 3 times a week and I reckoned I knew whether there was enough space or not. So I was edging in centimetre by centimetre... and then I gave the van a little... love tap, literally. A tap on the van's bumper.

You probably think I'm a really bad driver. And at this point, I'm not going to disagree. Sometimes I don't pay sufficient attention because I think changing the radio station or adjusting my air-conditioner's vents are more important. Or moisturising my hands. Or adjusting my hair. Or staring too long at the rear-view mirror.

Ok... too much information.

Anyhow it turned out the van driver's wife was waiting in the passenger seat so I was caught red-handed. She was elderly, soft-spoken, and probably wouldn't have noticed anything had I not told her, "Did you feel me bump into the van's rear?"

I told her I didn't cause any scratches because it was the bumper I knocked into, but gave her my name and number for good measure, and about four apologies, which seemed to be enough because her husband - good, kind man that he is - called me this evening with the most beautiful words ever "Sweetheart, I'm not going to take any action because it's not something I haven't done myself."

Isn't he the most wonderful man evar? See I knew all that weekend donations to can-toting secondary school kids would not come to naught! :-)

And trust me, two little accidents in a month, yes I've learnt my lesson.

Keeping up

Have you downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer?

Don't worry, I'm still on the Firefox bandwagon but IE7 is something you have to have a look at. Tabbed browsing, advanced print previews, page zooms up to 400%, phishing filter, and my favourite, quick tabs - a really nifty tool that allows you to view on a single page all the tabs you have opened, like when you view all your powerpoint slides? Yeah it's like that. Of course, plus all that security stuff I don't really get but yeah, it's an improvement.

I have to say IE7 is definitely much better than IE6 feature-wise. But that goes without saying doesn't it? Of course Firefox is still my browser-of-choice, simply because there are some things IE is being a complete idiot to. Do me a favour guys, upgrade to IE7 if you can't be arsed to switch to Firefox. That is the least you can do.

(On a slightly different note: Firefox has just released their 2nd version. Upgrade, or download, if you haven't already!)