what you need to know

so here's an update, like i mentioned.

we won the overall second prize, in addition to best tactical programme award, and i got best individual presenter too. =)

not bad eh?

will have more later. =)


in less than 12 hours, i'm going to pitch our integrated campaign to IRAS along with my group.

my desired situation:
no mispronounciations.
appear presentable and enthusiastic.
convinced the judges.
get at least second lah.

my current situation:
sum of total hours slept since monday is 12 hours (aiyo, only 4 hours per night).
and i have a swollen left eye again! AGAIN! i think there's something wrong lor. i keep changing my lenses but this problem keeps nagging me! mum is apparently not very worried so i think i'll have to act a bit more hysterical. hmmm, we'll see what happens. will update you guys. =)

low fat strawberry cheesecake

my supervisor tells me my training at gelare is over. so now it's wrong to ask if a regular mocha contains 1 or 1.5 oz of chocolate sauce. at least, that's what it seems like to me.

we've got so many flavours of ice cream, yet people keep going for chocolate overload over and over again. you guys are boring! why don't people want to try other flavours? butter pecan? chocolate chip mint fudge? all white chocolate chip? passionfruit? pistachio? cappuccino? mango sorbet? swiss chocolate caramel? low fat strawberry cheesecake?

which brings me to how oxymoronic "low fat strawberry cheesecake" sounds. how can "low fat" and "cheesecake" belong in the same sentence? don't the words cancel each other out? it's just like jo's "misunderestimated" mistake (lol).

i look twice at customers (usually ladies) ordering low fat strawberry cheesecake ice cream. it's like stepping into mcdonald's and ask for a supersized big mac meal with diet coke. funny how some singaporeans are.

the good things come free

happy deepavali, and happy 19th to CJ too!

i wonder what the people at SMRT are thinking sometimes. on two occasions, i've had sat on trains that did announcements only in tamil. i mean, how many passengers actually understood those announcements? i sure as hell don't, and i think it's safe to say that 90 percent of them passengers didn't either.

and they say singaporeans don't follow instructions well. maybe if you tried playing them in english...?

and here's where i come in. i have decided to put my creativity to good use by developing some ad copy, maybe a bored soul from SMRT will pick 'em up.

"they say the grass is always greener on the other side, so try standing on the left on the escalator sometime."

"want to know how it feels to get rammed by a horde of elephants on the downhill? try standing on the right of the escalator sometime."

"being on your feet for the rest of your journey versus being overweight and water-retentive for nine months: take your pick."

revenge of the killer glare - part deux

i seemed to have stepped on too many people's toes recently.

on the way to the bus interchange, along the sheltered walkway today, this lady in front of me was walking too slowly for my liking, so i said, "walking faster won't kill you."

it was a comment somewhat directed more at myself, and not completely at her, but i guess i blurted it out a little too loudly, so she turned around and- guess what, glared at me lah (what else).

you see, most people won't know that some other party is really in a hurry or needs to get somewhere (the loo perhaps?) really quick, so you can't really blame other people for ambling along, as if they have all the bloody time in the world, while you here are rushing like sandra bullock did in Speed, right?

so my lesson learnt today is to keep my (sarcastic) comments to myself, even if it does seem like a preposterous task sometimes.

revenge of the killer glare

if looks could kill, i probably wouldn't be typing this entry right now (perhaps a good thing huh).

the kiasu singaporean struck again. when i arrived at the train station yesterday, the signboard displayed my home-bound train to be arriving in one minute. one minute - practically a miss-and-be-late situation under any circumstances. so, as previously mentioned, the kiasu singaporean, me, rushed to get her mrt card out and hastened her footsteps.

i figured the train gate meant for the wheelchaired would allow for a clearer and faster entry, i mean, dover station was already quite crowded due to other alighting passengers, so it makes sense to head for free/less crowded gate, in this case the gate in mention was the handicap gate lah.

the worse thing that could happen in such a plight is when you spot another person rushing for the same gate. but my case is special: a normal gate only allows entry from one direction - you're either in or out; the handicap gate, on the other hand, allows for entry/exit from both directions, which means you can be in and out.

so this office lady in her clickety heels was approaching the gate from the opposite direction, which meant that we were definitely making for a head-on collision, if both refuse to give way that is (you know women - determination is king).

why can't the lady just use the normal gate is something i might never understand in my entire lifetime. it's just like how some people park their cars in handicapped lots but you don't see any handicaps alighting.

so, now what?

well i definitely wasn't going to give way to her, and i could tell she was doing the same to me too. we were both going to tap our train cards on the sensor when, at the last moment, i stretched my arm a little faster and got to the sensor a teeny bit earlier than her (yes! victory!), but you know sometimes the sensor gets a bit screwed up and reacts a bit slow so there's that gargantuan moment of anticipation before the gate opens for you?

both of us waited and then the gate opened... IN MY FAVOUR!!! THANK THE LORD!!! the lady simply gave me this useless glare, like hello, move on lah, got people waiting behind you darling. besides, you should be using the normal gates anyway. -snubs-

the big ones

it is impressive how an apology can remedy situations. i offended a lecturer yesterday, without forethought intentions of course, i went a bit ahead of myself and shot off an sms without much thought. i regretted what i've said to her after retrospection. so an apology was in order.

i think discomfort, on my part, would definitely have set in had i simply left things the way they were. it's not nice knowing someone was pissed at you and you not doing anything about it, right?

anyways, take a look on our roads and you'll noticed that cars are getting much bigger. people're moving away from the once commonplace sedans and replacing them with SUVs and MPVs. how silly.

carbuyers fork out hundreds of thousands and think they're getting something really value-of-money. see, you pay the price of a high end luxury sedan like the nissan cefiro, but you are really getting a much larger and tougher family/sports vehicle like the hyundai santa fe. good deal? this means more metal, bigger wheel circumference, more leather, more window space, etc. etc. etc. what suckers.

you're really paying for a tank, for god's sake, minus all the protective bells and whistles and hi-tech weaponry of course. plus, gigantic cars have a higher chance of getting in an accident because they respond slower and roll over more easily when bumped. -smirks- not feeling so hot now eh?

oh hey, i've got the vw touareg in my 10-year plan. an SUV of course. perhaps being in a bigger car and on elevated seat will get me to pay more notice while driving and be noticed in return, i might even spot the love of my life, before i get into an accident that is.