Peiwen = Not a happy camper

My friends, it has not been a good week. I could not get the motivation to start on my last assignment! Though I live by huge faith that in time to come, words will flow but this is cutting it too close. So close I think that that HD (high distinction) might be out of my reach.

And work has been too boring and frustrating of late. Boring on Saturdays because I am all alone in the shop (I'm scared!) and we get about a total of 10 customers. 10 customers who will buy about 2 packets of bento boxes/sushi and leave me to peddle the rest on discount. Frustrating because my boss... sigh. Words fail me, but perhaps the phrase "blundering idiot" might fit him as best as my vocabulary can manage.

This evening I decided upon good o' fish & chips for dinner. Only to realise, when my food arrived, I had completely lost my appetite for the chips portion. So dinner was all but two colossal slices of snapper- Aussie style.

I think I should be worried or something that the only highlight of my week was hitting jackpot (read: blog-style gossip) while randomly browsing MySpace. My MySpace is utterly embarrassing. I have what, 6 friends (though one of them is JOHN MAYER). Of course it is due to MySpace being the bandwagon effect of Friendster, but I digress. And now I've lost my train of thought. But I am blogging again! Which is good, right?

How tired can I be? Let me count the ways

Around this time for the past three semesters, it starts to feel like my batteries are nearly running dry. This semester, of course, is no different. Except this time I think the signs are more obvious.

I've been giving incomplete takeaway orders to customers at the rate of more than twice in a shift. That's like an average of one mistake per hour. Fortunately my consequences were not as dire as the last time, but on the other hand, the last time, we weren't shorthanded. :S Plus, after a while my boss gets tired of lecturing me, probably because it is obvious that even on his best day, his performance does not come close to his employees'.

Still, work mistakes aren't as bad as things that happen to you physically. Embarrassingly, I fell off a flight of three steps - three very painful stone steps - while leaving my project mate's granny flat last night. Did I mention how embarrassing it was? Though on the other hand, her garden was pitch black and she did give her warning a bit too late and now I have a few scraps on my ankle, otherwise known as "Battle scars".

I can't wait for this semester to be over. Even though New Zealand might be looking a little too dear for my graduation trip, I will come up with contingencies.


Sorry for the lack of updates but it is the last stretch of uni afterall. OK so it really is because I have absolutely nothing to write but hey, give me some credit, I want to concentrate on my studies. :P

Till next time!