Menotti was so-so. I had a spinach and ricotta thing, a combination I thought was to die for after having come close a food orgasm after trying Jesters' popeye (Jesters is a famous pie chain in Australia, and the popeye comes with spinach, mushroom, and feta cheese filling).

But Menotti's spinach and ricotta thingy -- can't remember the name and can't be bothered to download the pdf menu - wasn't what I'd expected, and I'm not one with lofty expectations when it comes to food, not when I'm not so much of a Donna Hay myself.

Anyways I'm not writing off Menotti, but would stay off that particular item if a next opportunity pops up.

We saw Timothy Go today. He is so puny! But cute lah. Haha.

Here's a song for you: Delusional

Apparently the American Idol formula hasn't waned a bit with the latest 1001th version just starting to screen on Singapore TV. In one particular ad, Simon Cowell says "There is only one American Idol" and I agree, it's Kelly Clarkson.

So why is America still stubbornly searching when it is too apparent that "idols" from Rueben Studdard to Taylor Hicks don't possess the power to earn nary an inch of idol worship?


It really does feel good to come back and spend hundreds of Singapore dollars. They don't call it a "spree" or "retail therapy" for nothing. I don't get to shop a lot in Perth, reasons being the lack of time, and also the fact that after spending on groceries, petrol, and rent, I like to hoard my money for an imaginary rainy day.

The only thing now is coming up with a good enough excuse for my spree because Mum is, without a doubt, going to say "Eh you're not working here so please don't spend all my money." Nevermind that it is my money from part-time jobs and internships, Mum likes to think that whatever's mine is hers, but not vice versa. Hmmm, good times!

Good news

Tiger Airways is to start flights between Singapore and Perth this March! Let's hope they keep it up for the long term and not discontinue suddenly like Valuair did.

A round trip will cost a little below $300 (includes taxes) and that really is a steal. Anyone care for a visit? Transport (my car), accommodation (my living room) and meals (my instant noodles) provided!

On my side, this is good news. It means I get to go home the day my exams end and not worry about having to fork out $700+ for a plane ticket come graduation weekend. Thank You Tiger Airways.

One down

An hour ago this author was trying to relax in the patient's chair of the dental clinic, while the dentist loomed over her, trying to force her wisdom tooth out.

Truth be told I haven't had a tooth extraction since I was 8. Even then, that tooth fell out by itself. So of course I was a bit nervous considering my wisdom tooth was nowhere near ready to fall out.

But it's all a bit overrated isn't it. Or maybe my nerves made me nervous. There really isn't much to it, besides the sting I felt when the dentist injected the anaesthesia and the pressure when he was trying to push the tooth out. It all sounds very frightening, especially the thumb-twiddling period where we waited for the numbness to set in.

So I got a good look at the little bloody thingamajig and thought for a moment how much of a shock factor it would be to just leave it in unexpected places around the house. On the other hand I am not five anymore so let's just leave it eh. I don't reckon Mum would appreciate it.

And then of course I had to be caught in the rain so the nurse kindly lent me this spare umbrella. I nearly declined, because the umbrella was just so ugly, you know,

but for someone who has had to see the inside of my mouth for the past 15 years, it really was extremely magnanimous of her. I just couldn't walk away. :)

Going the rounds

We r monsters
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Look at SY. True blue anger. Lol. Good to know she really can cook pasta like she claimed she could. Haha. And my dessert turned out well (right?).

Serenading Sof

Up taking his turn for the Romancing Singapore game. Lol. More alcohol would have liven things up. It was really nice to see everyone and to know that nothing much has changed. :)

Gossip 101

I've been catching up on my Cleo mags, and the Dec 06 issue certainly comes with really handy tips. Like the art of gossiping:

The mark of a great gossip is knowing how to do it right.

Firstly, never keep the good stuff to yourself. It's not polite, particularly after "You know what?"

Survey your surroundings. You never know who's seated at the table behind yours in that cosy cafe.

Establish the names involved and once your mates get who you're talking about, stick to "him" and "her" as much as possible. Names will only inspire interest and lead people to eavesdrop. (Or use pseudo-names like CJ and I did during our SAC days - Karen, Joseph, Diana, Betty...)

Always check that the person you're gossiping with is a willing participant (this isn't hard to do). It's no fun yakking away if she's busy rushing out a proposal.

Cities are amazingly small - everyone knows someone. Always end your conversation with "I'm telling you this only because I trust you'll not be so dumb as to share it with someone who'll leak this out to Lucy." Expecting your friend to keep the secret to herself is unrealistic. The least you could do is ensure she doesn't share it with someone who will pursue the perpetrators of the rumour.

Gossip away, folks!

Happy 2007

Looking out from Perth Airport

I thought I would be better prepared for coming home this time. At least, more prepared than last December. Evidently, this time's arrival has proven that no matter how you try to brace or anticipate the changes and emotions you could experience upon coming home after 46 weeks (I've been keeping track), some things just make me miss Perth a lot.

Gosh I'm Perth-sick. :S

Anyhow, I had a very turbulent flight. And turbulence has been known to make me hurl. But medication and lots of crossed fingers have kept my lunch safely in my stomach where it belongs. But you know what? Half of me can't wait to get back because Perth = independence & car, but the other half is wishing five weeks wouldn't fly by because going back would mean helping the damn neighbour cart her kids' milk powder and assessment books back - all 'cause of your typical kiasu parenting and why can't her kids just drink Aussie milk? I knew all that free dinners wasn't without a motive. Bugger.