i've become the person i never want to become.
and it's vacation's fault.

i've become domesticated. O_O

a week ago i was lounging on the sofa, surfing the internet, playing my CDs over and over again (spice girls never sounded better), watching movies and eating out.

today i was cooking lunch (spicy szechuan noodles), boiling water, washing dishes, folding clothes, cleaning my desk, and, and well, nothing else, thank god.

oh but oh, we caught TROY on monday! remarkably wonderful, in my opinion. brad pitt is nice. but the only thing i disliked about hollywood and hollywood films are the romance. see, van helsing has his kate beckinsale, archilles has his religious virgin, aragorn has his elven princess, etc. etc.

see what i mean? all the great hollywood heros must have some maiden in distress hanging on by their side! this isn't fair! if i were in hollywood, i'd make sure everyone gets some horizontal action once in a while. it's not just about the heros, y'know.

congratulate me!

strike kerb: 4 points.

fail to use appropriate gear: 4 points.

cause other vehicles to slow down or take evasive action: 8 points.

total: 16 points.

to get driving licence: not more than 20 points.

know what this means?
if you don't, go shoot yourself.