Dropping by

Parents are here.

King's Park

That's them admiring (I hope) the city skyline from King's Park. Horrible weather that day, and an even horrible-er stitching job done by yours truly. Can you see the stark difference in cloud colours because I didn't do a good mask. Heehee. Which explains why the picture is sooooo small so you guys can't scrutinise it too well.

Anyhow, parents are here...

Hollywood makes things happen

Do we really need a movie to remind people - mostly Americans - about September 11? This time, seriously, my hat's off to Hollywood. They've outdone themselves. On August 9, 2006, cinemas will see the release of World Trade Center, the MOVIE, not the... collapsed buildings (or whatever's the nicest way to say it).

Is it just me or is this a totally inappropriate step? Someone out there could still be grieving and Hollywood thinks it's a good move to release a summer blockbuster. You know, if creativity's so lacking I'd much prefer remakes and sequels anyday. Not a bloody... memento about the significant event that is the catalyst of anti-Bush movements. And for goodness sake, you really could come up with a better movie title.

(View trailer here)

P.S. My insider source is saying that there might be a winter release titled "Katrina", and discussions are ongoing for top-secret project "Spot the WMD". Hollywood, this time you have outdone yourself.

Blast from the past

After the evil housemate (God forbid I name names) left for home one morning leaving neither note nor warning and taking her television along with her, we - OK, I - weren't left with much to live for. I am exaggerating, yes, but I can't imagine being without a tv, even though I don't watch much television in the first place. It is just one of those appliances people simply can't do without in their homes! What is a home without a television? Like a toilet without toilet paper. Chicken rice without chicken. Boyfriend without a girlfriend, or boyfriend (people are starting to come out now). Well, you get the idea.

Anyways a friend's boyfriend scored a new television from boyfriend's mum so they had a spare, and now that spare is sitting right where the above-mentioned evil housemate's television used to sit. Which is nice and comforting, except the spare doesn't really receive any channels. So if you can say "back to square one" in words that don't seem like we're really back to square one but rather square one point five, you kinda get the idea where we're standing.

Any ideas?

Exams are over.

Now what do I do?


Never thought this would happen but apparently "the mercury dipped to -0.6 degrees last night." Whatever happened to the Sunshine State?

(via ABC)

A changed mind

Back in the poly days I really abhorred exams. Anyone would in my position. A week's worth of revision only to have my overall grade pulled down substantially because the exam was worth 60 percent and because I am simply not one for exams.

Doesn't anyone else think 60 percent is too much? How is it that a two-hour paper is worth so much more than the essay or group report I spent two weeks (OK, really just two days) on? I get good grades during the semester (really), but they fly out the window whenever I have exams for that subject.

A good thing things don't work that way here. Although I do pity the lack of group work, exams only counted as much as the two or three assignments I had during the semester, which meant an exam or assignment usually averaged 30 to 40 percent of the entire grade.

Of course, it is marvellous as well that the lecturers really really don't want you to fail. I think at one point, the lecturers were thinking "Bloody hell, why can't he just pass and bugger off?" Two weeks before the exam we were given seven questions, out of which five were slated to appear on the actual paper, from that five, our instructions were to answer just two questions.

How fucking easy is that? Based on probability, I only had to choose four out of seven questions, and two are bound to come up. Imagine studying for a paper you already had the answers to. Y'know on second thought, I reckon exams aren't so bad afterall.

Dinner, fried chicken rice with diced chicken breasts and green beans - a night of culinary excellence. :P

Twice shy

Burnt toast AGAIN!

Hilarious, if you were there. Makes you think what is it with WAAPA dancers and burning their food? Last semester, now this, who's next? Start getting in line, dancers!

Using body foam as a replacement for dishwashing liquid (because we ran out) may be the smartest thing I've ever done. :-)