Today I watched my boss pick up food that was dropped, dropped food, in which she repackaged it and put it back on display.

I have no idea where she placed that particular box of sushi rolls but hey, good luck to the fella who bought it.

And today too, she called me stupid. Maybe it's just me, but the word "stupid" is like how some people regard the word "fuck". I don't have it in me to tolerate people who call other people stupid, and it is a Golden Rule thing to me - I will never use the word stupid on someone, much less take it too nicely if someone were to call me stupid.

I made a mistake on a customer's order because it was a special order and I have never done it before. OK first I will tell it from my boss's point of view: I've had more than one opportunity to learn when my co-workers were doing that particular order, but I didn't.

My point of view? I made a mistake on something I've never done before, and my boss called me stupid because of that.

It hardly seems fair. I would have totally taken it in stride had she gone off on my mistake with something like "Haven't you seen (co-worker's name) do that order before?!" instead of a "Why you so stupid?!"

I got so pissed at her I refused to talk to her throughout my shift. And yes, that is possible. I'm not being petty on this. Everyone has a thing that sets them off and calling me stupid is my thing. You know what's worse? When you have all these smart comebacks that are just dying to gush out, but can't because, dammit, she's your boss.

One of those really really predictable movies but fun to watch anyways with a bunch of friends. :-)

Yeah, you can tell there isn't much to say about The Devil Wears Prada so I'm just giving you the in-the-nutshell version. The fashion was gorgeous though, like three thumbs up. Anne Hathaway should have been a runway model. Dammit, life's not fair. :S

Discomfort zone

Due to the scrap my Honda suffered, and coupled with a vehicle licence renewal, my Honda had to be scraped. I now have a little Ford Laser which I hope I will have no problems with.

I have this thing where I'm searching for parking lots and if there's a free lot on the left, I go in head first, if the empty lot is to my right, I reverse in. It's not a matter of choice, it's competence. I cannot reverse if the lot is to my left, and I don't do too well going in head first on the right side.

So I'm doing this thing where I'm putting myself out of my comfort zone and make myself reverse into the left lot, and go straight in on the right lot. Confused yet? Let's hope I don't get any more bumps.

Having your mother close the door in your face

The previous night I called home after about two months of not having spoken to my mum. Emails just don't do enough justice when I want to act cute. :P

We talked for about an hour. The great thing about public phones in Australia is how far a single 50 cent coin gets you. You can make all the calls you want on 50 cents. There isn't a limit on how long you wanna talk, or how many calls you make. Brilliant, isn't it? If I can put aside how inherently filthy public phones are, I might just stop using my mobile altogether.

Mum asked the usual questions, what was I cooking, how much have I spent, have I gained weight, how are my results, etc, etc, including her all time favourite question, "Have you found a boyfriend?" I swore her previous questions were some sort of lead up to this.

"No, I don't have time for a boyfriend! I'm either at class, at work, or studying. Where got time for boyfriend?"

"Really no boyfriend?"


There was a pause.

"Unless you want to find me one."

"I send you there to study, I pay for your tuition, your rental, your allowance. I pay for everything and you still expect me to find you a boyfriend?!?!

"That's a bit too much right???"

So paiseh I could kill myself again

So here we go again.

Don't you just hate it when people owe you money and they pay you back in small change? I don't mean one or two dollar coins, I mean change so small the biggest denomination is 20 cents. Of course there is the question of wanting to get rid of change, see, this is why getting the kids to do charity work every Saturday is a good idea. ;-)

So this customer paid for a $7.50 item in five, 10, and 20 cents. I hate those customers. Not only do I have to use excess brainpower to make sure the amount's right, I have to pick up the coins one by one and then drop them into the cash register's little compartments correctly. Heaps of work I wouldn't have had to do had said customer just gave a bloody tenner.

You know me, I couldn't help but roll my eyes, when the customer was gone of course. What I hadn't noticed was the next customer in line, waiting for me to pick up the coins, and holding a bunch of coins in her hands as well.

She got really reeeeeeeeeaaallyy apologetic, and I was nearly neeeeeeeeeeeeaaarly apoplectic, but still had to act like hey, coins are ookaayyy, coins are good, I love coins, thank you very much! Did I mention I hate such customers?

Don't be rude... in the lift


I reckon the name explains it all. I'm glad the fairer sex is, according to the website, given the "right" to board and alight first. So that's a big up yours! to all those gentlemen who insist on pushing us out of their way because they have this huge ass meeting to attend to. How impertinent.

Oh, and that cellmate tagged, here goes:

>> Seven random facts about me:
1. Extremely fickle minded
2. Yan can cook, so can I
3. Hate ginger
4. Killed the family goldfishes when I was a kid, RIP
5. Love Grey's Anatomy
6. Have no allergies
7. I like vegemite

>> Seven favourite music at the moment:
1. Breathe (2AM) by Anna Nalick
2. The Scientist by Coldplay
3. Any John Mayer ones
4. Sailed On by Landon Pigg
5. Bei Yi Wang De Shi Guang by (I can't tell you but she's from wayyyyyy back)
6. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
7. L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole

>> Seven things I like most:
1. Food
2. Sleep
3. Money
4. Cooking
5. Completing assignments
6. Staring into space (haha)
7. A good joke

>> Seven things I say most:
1. "Not bad... for a shop" (Aussie Ikea commercial, I say it again and again to irritate my housemate)
2. Hahaha
3. OK
4. Are you alright? (at work)
5. Hi there (at work)
6. I guess
7. Really?

Neighbourly goodness

To be honest, I'm not your definition of a good neighbour. Not only would I cut off your plants if they were in the way, I would also much rather dump my rubbish in your bins if I could. :P

Last week a drunk man stole a little japanese decorative ornament from the restaurant where I work, while my colleague was alone in the kitchen, closing up for the day. The girl at our neighbouring shop, Brumby's (the cute little bakery), caught sight of his misdemeanor and gave chase.

You wouldn't be too surprised at this but I wouldn't run after the guy if I were her. Even if I was in the shop at that time, I probably would have let him go. Likewise, if someone stole a doughnut from Brumby's and I saw it, guess what, I wouldn't have done anything either. Like I said, I'm not a good neighbour.

Well she didn't catch him in the end. The police did, turned out he'd stolen a knife from the supermarket as well. We didn't get the ornament back though, wonder what happened to it.

Just goes to show how unfair life can get

The face of Katie Holmes and that Mission Impossible bloke's baby finally made it to newsstands today. How is it that the man stupid enough to break off his marriage to Nicole Kidman be lucky enough to have such an adorable kid is beyond me. Scientology must really be something.