On illogicality

ECU is apparently one of the best in Australia for its communications programme as well as being the eighth best programme for psychology.

It's very reassuring, even if most people wouldn't know these facts.

So how is it ECU has deemed it fit to increase the campus bar two fold, taking from what was previously the uni cafeteria?

So... it makes more sense now for students to drink cheap beer in between classes, but not grab a serving of chips? You lecturers ponder about that next time your students get too rowdy, and then fall asleep on you because they were drunk.

Ham & Cheese Soufflé

Ham + Cheese Souffle

I got this recipe from Kraft Foods and thought I'd try it out.

It's the No Fail Bacon & Cheese Soufflés but I substituted bacon with ham and baked it in a loaf tray, not muffin cups. Oh, and I didn't add mustard.
3 tbsp margarine
3 tbsp flour
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
4 slices ham, crumbled
4 eggs, separated

PREHEAT oven to 180°C. Melt margarine in saucepan on medium heat; stir in flour. Cook 1 min. Gradually add milk, stirring until well blended. Cook and stir until mixture comes to boil. Remove from heat. Add cheese, stirring until melted. Stir in ham. Cool slightly. Stir in egg yolks, 1 at a time.

BEAT egg whites with electric mixer on medium speed until stiff but not dry, about 5 min. Gently fold into yolk mixture. Pour into lightly greased nonstick tray.

BAKE 25 min, or until puffed and set.
I have to admit, I've never eaten soufflés before, much less seen what one looks like, so I wouldn't really know if it'd turned out right. Anyways, it's a lot like quiche and since I baked it, it obviously tastes great. :P

Now showing: Helvetica

The world famous font turns 50 next year and to celebrate it, a feature-length, independent film that looks at the proliferation of Helvetica and the way it has affected our lives will be released.

I had known about this for a while now and am only just getting over the need to snicker everytime I read about this on the Internet.

Helvetica is just a typeface, guys, no matter how you look at it. Despite my opinion, I think I just might check this film out, save me some popcorn.

On choice

I asked my housemate for a postage stamp yesterday and she gave me this one from a cute zodiac series that I was almost too embarrased to stick on my envelope. I reckon stamps probably, in some minute way, say something about one's personality. Like I wouldn't be caught dead using my housemate's stamps if I had a choice. I know they're just stamps, so this is just my problem, ok.

Anyhow, I skipped the latter part of lecture today. Sometimes it just is obvious the lecturer is not going to give you anything more than what's provided in the notes. See, there are different types of lecturers: good ones, and those who are totally shit. Some good ones are good only in lectures and suck at tutorials, while others are boring in large groups. I'm sure we've met all kinds.

Unis here are a bit different than the ones back home, I reckon. Like heaps of students can leave when the lecturer is talking and no one gives a hoot. Someone once left a tutorial forty minutes early, giving "My parking's up" as an excuse and the tutor graciously let her leave. When I was studying back home, no matter how boring Chong's lecture got, if I left, I'd probably be in trouble. :S

You know it's somewhat disappointing the kind of attitudes Singaporean students have towards education. Every student probably have dreamt of being somewhere else instead of attending lessons, but hey, students here don't see the need to gossip (loudly) or send 1001 smses just because they're bored! Actually Australian students doodle a lot when they're not paying attention, but at least doodling makes it seem like you're copying notes eh, and doodling's a quiet activity. Oh I dunno. I don't want to be putting down what I am a part of, but it really is easier to appreciate things here. Food for thought.

Have you met Dumbest?

Imagine my speechless-ness when a classmate answered my question ("So have you done the readings for this week?") with a "No, I haven't really looked at it but I think it's about global communications." Here's some background information, the subject we are taking is called Global Communications.

Is that the dumbest answer ever? Or is that the dumbest answer evar? Hey I think for our unit Global Communications, the lecturers might try to give us readings about How to Cook the Perfect Asparagus.

My dad is always saying "Just because you're in university, it doesn't mean you're smart. There are stupid degree holders too." And you know what? I think I've found the perfect example.

Living dangerously

So I was doing about 100kph on the freeway - that's the speed limit - when I noticed the cars in front were starting to overtake this one particularly slow van right at the very front. So I caught up with the above-mentioned van, and guess what the driver was doing.

Having a beer!

WTH!?! I know it might be the Aussie National Drink and all, but this is really too much! One part of me is shocked, but the other part is kinda hoping that van driver gets into some horrible accident so he'll never be able to drive again. People need to get what they deserve.

Anyhow, winter really is scary weather for a drive. I felt my car swaying a bit when the winds blew. Very scary! :S

Karma sucks sometimes

As requested,

1985 Honda Accord

Did I not mention it is as old as I am? Yeah. But I kinda like it's classic look. Today I went to photograph it - seems like every driver takes all-angle photos of their cars, my dad did it to all his cars, a friend did it, and now me - and turns out there was a string of bird poo on my rear window. Very nice. :S

Coincidentally I received this email from a dog-lover friend. It's titled "How to tell if you're driving too fast".

Driving too fast

It might be just me but it was really hilarious on so many levels. I just got a car and you are telling me the signs of driving too fast, and using a dog as an example?!? It really reminded me of the days where you would wear a green T-shirt, carry your green backpack, put out your green pencil case... and proclaim "My favourite colour is green." Oh, is it? We couldn't tell! (Btw I hope Lucy's still alive :P)

And now, something that really made my day.

I was going to work on Tuesday and was along Newcastle St when a red light came. So, naturally, I stopped. I was about the third car in line and no one was behind me. Couple of minutes later the light changed and we all started to move off. You know how it is when the lights only just turned green and the cars wait for the cars in front to start moving? So I had only just lifted my foot off the brake pedal and was going to tap the accelerator when a combination of a loud bump and a foward jerk startled me. I caught the painful snag of the seatbelt across my collarbone and saw, in my rear view mirror, a red Beemer with her top down, the male driver talking on his phone, and his car unscathed.

But what about my car?

1985 Honda Accord

OK it's not that bad. Actually it hurts my self-esteem more to drive around like that and not wanting to fork out money for a new bumper. Call me stupid but I didn't stop to ask for some sort of compensation. I've never been in an accident before, and neither Dad nor driving lessons told me what I should do if something like this happened. You know what was the best part? I wasn't even pissed. The only thing I could think of was "Did that just happened to me?"

Oh and the bird poo. It's a very bad week.


Never thought I would be saying this but tonight's a hot night! Which is totally weird because my weather widget says stormy weather ahead. I mean, just look at Monday! But tonight is hot. Of course not hot like Singapore hot, but hot like Aussie winter hot. Gosh. I sure am making a lot of sense.

Weather widget

Anyhow, a little update here. Uni's final year started a week ago and my gut says it is going to be hectic. Three evening classes in Joondalup now, plus I got work before those classes, which means I don't get no free time until Friday. In a nutshell, this sucks. :(

Oh, but -breaks into song- this is hommmmmmee... truly... where I know I must be... where my dreams wait for me... where the river always flows... guess what? Singapore's National Day is coming up. No I'm not showing signs of excitement. Being able to watch the National Day Parade all the way here in Perth is not exactly the highlight of anyone's day.

I also got myself a little something to make all that commuting easier. Yep, my first car. A used Honda that is as old as I am. Nothing like Dad's comfortable Nissan, but it does have all the jazz that girls like - automatic transmission, power steering, air-condition... Let's hope it doesn't fall apart anytime soon. :)

My turn!

And the tradition continues...

We have to burn something every semester. It's inevitable. Tonight I discovered a seemingly abandoned container of leftovers in our freezer. It had been sitting there for quite a while so I was tempted to defrost it to find out what it really was.

So I popped it into the microwave, hit the "frozen food" button because that usually does the trick and waited, and chatted with my housemate while we waited. Our conversation went something like this:

"Eh how long are you gonna put it inside there ah?"
"Five minutes? I just pressed the 'frozen food' thing."

Then, as if on impulse and sheer impatience, my housemate stopped the microwave.

"Eh only one minute left right? Why you stop?"
"It's smoking!"

True enough, the entire microwave interior was cloudy, the smell of burnt food was wafting out, and the plastic container was half-melted. It goes without saying that the leftovers were completely black.

They say curiousity killed the cat. They really should have said curiousity killed the cat by burning it alive.