of groceries and wet markets

mum's been wanting to introduce me to the wonders of female activities.

i know we're reaching gender equality and all but everyone still believes that grocery shopping and cooking are traditionally womenfolk's duties.

mum took me grocery shopping today at the neighbourhood supermarket. i must admit, it was my first time coming home from NTUC with such large bags.

it's not that i haven't been to a supermarket before. i'm not that privileged. it is, although, the first time i went to the mart with the intention of shopping for the family.

it quite fun lah, to sum it up.
choosing kiwis and trying on random samples of food and persuading mum to buy salmon and scallops.

thereafter mum tried to push me into cooking dinner. but i'm not stupid, i know all i can fry decently are eggs and bean sprouts, so i fried an omelette. no one could tell i was the one who cooked it.

hmmm, i think i'll take that as encouragement.