Hi again. It's 10 weeks till I leave Perth and time has never flown faster. Anyways, you don't want to hear me talk about all these so... Do you know I am a closet Avril fan? I have all her albums from Let Go to The Best Damn Thing. Avril isn't so bad, relatively rumour-free, happily married, and she wears underwear! Which is a lot considering some celebrities nowadays. Tsk.

On personal issues, I've sold my Ford! It just happened last Saturday, I put the ad up and wasn't expecting calls so soon and bam, this dad called and wants to buy my car for his daughter's 18th birthday. Lucky girl, I wish my dad did the same. Jealousy aside, I actually sold the car at a profit. Yeah you read right. I sold the car for a $700 profit. I got it at a good deal and decided hey... why not make money out of it? Cars are investments afterall.

You would think I'd gone back to public transport now but... no. I'm terribly spoilt by the concept of personal transport, so I've a rented Yaris now.

One of those 2-door types, a selfish car, as FY would say. It's a zippy little thingamajig with more cup holders than I can handle. Do they think drivers are dehydrated or something? Other than excessive cup holders, it's great, makes me want to get one for myself. :P

Oh, I've plans to visit New Zealand after the exams. Something like a grad trip. Should be fun! I hope plans materialise. Wish me luck!

Blog assignment (yawn)

You know when people always say "Oh my god! Time flies!" You get that in yearbooks and farewell cards all the time. You know why people say that? Because time does fly. Like the wind. I was just sitting here trying to complete an economic analysis due in 11 hours when I suddenly realised, hey, almost two years of my life have gone in a trice!

Come July I am going to be a reluctant participant of the tax-paying workforce. I'm thinking of becoming a... toper. But alas, I think the family might object to that.

Anyways. I have a topic at hand.

Do people often realise they are taking other people for granted? Do they do the things they do on purpose?

I hate it when people take things for granted. But in order not to sound like I'm coming from a high horse, I should probably first disclaim myself as the never-take-people/things-for-granted type. Sometimes one is just ignorant you know?

But there is an extent to everything. Personal case-in-point: Sometimes my friends think I'm just going to ferry them wherever, whenever, or that my car is for communal use like your bathroom is. Well it is not! Either you buy your own car, or chip in for petrol! My housemates do, why can't you?

Second case-in-point: The neighbour. Oh my god, that phrase alone spoke volumes. Where do I even begin. For starter, asking us to make you a copy of our house key is, quite simply put, inappropriate. Just because you think you have become friends with my housemates based on some far social connections back in Singapore, you can live part-time at our house. And by "live", I mean your kids drinking our soda, eating our snacks, using my toilet paper, etc etc, generally just hanging around all. the. time. And yesterday night? You knocked on our door quite impatiently, barged in without saying hello (with your stupid kids in tow), and made a phone call right in front of me. All because you were having problems with your housemate and wanted to bitch with the person you called. Have you noticed my house is not a phone booth?!?

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Going Down Under

Busselton Jetty

You know how you enter a shop designed to earn the tourist dollar and you just know even the most ordinary things are going to cost an arm and three legs, but some people still buy stuff there anyway? Like $3 for a bottled water, $4 for a fridge magnet, stuff like that, y'know?

Well Singapore is kinda like that, I reckon. One guest lecturer for my International Advertising class mentioned Singapore ranks number five amongst Aussie travellers simply due to our reputation as shoppers' paradise. Some might say it's more of our culinary offerings but shopping is much cheaper in Kuala Lumpur, and food is tastier all over Malaysia. Don't you think?

Having said that, you won't find me traipsing on our neighbour's soil simply because I don't reckon it is worth the trip just for some new clothes and to eat one's fill. I don't eat out all that often, neither am I a heavy-duty shopper. :P

Anyhoo! We took a power trip down south the last couple of days, covering Busselton, the Margaret River wine region, and Cape Leeuwin in Augusta. A lot of sight-seeing, photo-taking, and driving. And I'll have you know, the Busselton Jetty is just that (in the above picture). No railings, no signs, no nothing. If you didnt know how to swim and you fell off the right edge you're a goner. It's all incredibly charming and very quaint. Singapore would hear none of it, of course. We need safety! We need to bring in the railings and life jackets and warning signs, because our kids have itchy backsides you know?

Voyager Estate Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Cape Leeuwin
a. Voyager Estate - one of Margaret River's better known wineries
b. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
c. At banks of Cape Leeuwin, also the point where Indian Ocean meets Southern Ocean

And now, back to the programme

I found $5 today. Reminded me of the time CJ and I found a fiver on the steps of the bus and since no one came to claim it, we shared a KFC meal between ourselves. Of course, this was back in the day when you could still get a 2-piece feed with $5. :S

Anyhow, today's lecture was about one of the hot topics recently debated to death in Singapore media - SIA and their bid for a new ad agency, and its collateral issue of whether the Singapore Girl image should be retained or chucked (I love that word).

One girl said perhaps Singapore Girl should be given a voice. What a ghastly idea. You reckon? Even the lecturer said the image of our local airline's icon would be wholly destroyed if she ever opened her mouth. It's just one of those things, you know? Which was exactly the case with David Beckham. Do we want the Singapore Girl to end up like David Beckham? Hell no! A look at where David Beckham is now should be enough to scare the Singapore Girl firmly back into her kebaya and SPG-ish makeup. :S