Straight from the horse's mouth

I was hanging out in my kitchen near to dinner-cooking time when my mother started to gut these two fishes right in front of me. Never mind how bizarre the situation seemed. Mum started to pry what I could only guess was fish brains from the two little thingamajigs soon to be hailed dinner. I wanted to ascertain they were, indeed, fish brains so I posed the question to the chef herself:

"Are those fish brains?"

With an all-knowing authority and a straighter-than-thou face, Mum told me:

"No, fishes don't think."


Now we know who had been a fish in her past life.


Lust, Caution is a must watch. When a movie is either directed by Lee Ang or starring Tony Leung, you just cannot miss out. Lust, Caution is the deadly combination of a remarkable director and an excellent actor so what are you waiting for? I'll give anything to get my hands on the uncensored version.

Now for the boring bit. I can't believe Gapminder kept me occupied at work for an hour, at least. Don't click on that link unless you are a geek, I'm serious. Gapminder is hardcore nerd territory. It is a chart-site that allows you to see the economic developments of the world through the decade via this really cool animated chart. Take a look only if you're into current affairs and all that kinda jazz, so don't say I didn't warn you.

Work-wise, I pretty much like my new workplace. PR was fun (and bitchy) but mentally exhausting in the long run because it was not just about working hard to prove your worth but also keeping up your personal relationships while simultaneously trying to get the goss on everyone, and that's including the auntie who cleans the toilets every morning. All that for a measly salary, how can?!?

Believing in white

Yeah, well, pretty much what I think about youths who consider good art = censored works (See highlighted portion of article) and pride parades. Yes, pride parades are good for entertainment and cultural understanding, but for pride? Now that's just superfluous. Do you see straight people around the world put on parades to celebrate being straight?

There is nothing to be proud about one's sexual orientation, it is simply a way of life. Of course I think that it is unseemly and harsh when gay people are put down merely because they happened to be gay, but is there a need to retaliate with your pride movements? Why make life harder when life is supposed to be simple?

I'm not going to touch on the censorship issue, just because I think it is a matter of maturity and a creativity-deficit, not to mention a certain aspirational (read: wannabe) mentality - which I'm not ruling myself out of - that Singaporeans seem to possess but will never admit to. You really think the grass is greener on the other side?

(Article: TODAY, 5 October 2007, Pg 8)

Men don't stand a chance when a seat on the train frees up. The women just look at each other and go "You want? Don't want? OK I take" while blatantly ignoring the men present. It's not that we don't acknowledge their existence, it's just that we think they are still capable of standing for their entire journey even though everyone's tired at the end of the day. I am also inclined to think "Walau, shameless" when a man takes a seat without some form of insistence that a woman take it. No, this is not inequality or sexism. After all, you guys did have to go for National Service and you get privileges to all the big things in life - jobs, wages, etc., so why sweat the small stuff?

Living up to its name

I actually watched the President's Star Charity over the weekend. How could I miss it when they promised performances from many a good musical? Despite it still looking like a celebrity beg show ("Call now! Call now! 1900 112 8821!!!"), at least they had a fresh concept this year. Notice I said "fresh", not "good".

Like what was MediaCorp thinking putting Olinda and Taufik together for that High School Musical cover? Olinda, for god's sake! Singapore's most well-known lesbian with our hottest Idol winner?! What part of lesbian do you not understand? And don't tell me you didn't know about Olinda's crooked ways. That girl obviously doesn't look straight. I'm sure I was not the only audience grimacing at Olinda's awkward performance. Granted, she does have incredible vocals but you also need to find someone who's suitable right? If they can pair Jonathan Leong and Diya so impeccably, why can't they do the same for Olinda and Taufik? Sweet Lord.

Plus, it just isn't the same without a few displays of emotions from our female host. Glenda Chong did a good job but where was Sharon Au's tears when you need her? You want to beg, at least beg with feeling! How else are you going to get everyone calling in big money!? Well at least no stupid stunts from a certain religious person this time round. Phew. Till next year! :S